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March 14, 2009, 8:30 am

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Adepts of the Mind


The power of the mind and of magic defies your pathetic attempts to understand them, submit and you will be spared

Nyrix, Adept-Trooper

A typical Adept of the Mind wears a purple caftan with silver trim and buttons on the front. The adept wears a wide leather belt with a silver buckle set to the side, this buckle is a symbol of the Adept’s rank within the order. All adepts, male or female shave their heads completely. Ranking adept officers are allowed to wear thin purple skullcaps.

The Adepts of the Mind are a cadre of magic apprentices who have been trained in limited applications of magic. Not considered magi by any sort, most only know 2 or 3 spells at the most. These spells are almost always the combative or manipulative kind.

Adept Spell List
1. Flame Fist
Spell produces a fist sized ball of flame. This can be thrown like a grenade, it detonates on impact with force dependant on the magical aptitude of the Adept.

2. Lightning Fist
Like the flame fist, this attack produces an arc of lightning that is thrown by the adept. The arc is slightly stronger than the flame fist, but can only hit one target and doest jump, where as the flame fist can do splash damage against multiple foes.

3. Charm Person
This insidious attack will capture a weak minded foe and turn them to the Adept’s side. Most hero types can resist this persuasion, but henchmen and hirelings are seldom so mentally stoic to resist.

4. Air Blast
While not a particularly damaging spell, this gust of wind is strong enough to foul even the best non-magical aimed arrow, or knock unprepared foes off of their feet. A directed blast can send victims tumbling off of cliffs of other precarious positions.

5. Doppleganger
This uncommon power allows for an adept to produce a phantom copy of himself to confound foes. This magical copy is a pure illusion, but can act and move on it’s own accord. It cannot cause damage, and has half the health of the adept who created it for sustaining damage. The adept can use a doppleganger as a scout, looking through it’s eyes.

6. Poison Jab
This ranged attack deals a minimal amount of damage, no worse than an arrow, but the attack almost always leaves it’s target poisoned. The poison causes the flesh to discolor, fever, sweating, and usually a rapid and painful death from hemorrage or suffocation. As a magical poison, most curative spells can counter it, as can a strong general healing potion or powder.

The Adepts of the Mind are lead by a small number of Elite magic users, who generally have access to all of the above listed spells, as well as being generally competent spellcasters. As with the adepts, these elites tend to use combative elementally aspected magics, or illusions and charms to overcome their foes.

Special Equipment
Most Adepts have little more than their rudimentary spell books, which are unique to the Adepts. These spellbooks are limited in the spells they contain, but counter with the spells being highly efficient and more readily usable than other similar magical spells. The downside is that learning these spells makes them permanent in the wizard’s memory, so once learned, it is extrodinarily difficult to remove the spell.

Roleplaying Notes
The Adepts are a generic magic user to be used by an Evil Overlord in his attempt to conquer the world.

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