This was it? A small ornamental hammer the size of his palm. Where was this 'fabled treasure' this man possessed?

The young rogue left the manor by the same smelly route he'd came by, disappointment showing plainly on his face.

In the study, the case sat open, the hammer gone.

Physical Description

Well crafted and made of steel, upon first glance this hammer is hard to tell apart from a common toffee hammer. The only noticeable difference lies in its superior craftsmanship. It bears no special markings.

One thing that should be noted here is that it never appears to be dirty, so clean one could swear it had just been polished.

Item Background

The hammer has been in the hands of the Dreasdine family for generations, and until recently was in the possession of Mortimer Dreasdine, heir to the estate and soon to be head of the family.

It has always been kept in the study of the lord of the manor in a small carved wooden box. Not having left it in almost three centuries since it's finding. The whole house is a museam almost, of all things collected by Mortimer and his forfathers during their adventures.

Sadly, there exist no older records regarding its creation or even by the family of its being recovered.

The last sighting of the hammer had been in a tavern, where a young, emerging scoundrel had been waving it around while gambling with some local youths. He left the place with considerable winnings that night.

Since then, not a word has been heard.


When tapped against a container or another object behind which coin or other treasure is concealed the hammer gives off a bright chime, only audible to the wielder. When struck against anything that doesn't contain or conceal anything it will give off a flat note, again only audible to its wielder.

 Plot Hooks

  • Mortimer Dreasdine is outraged at the theft of something from his family's estate and wants the hammer retrieved. The PC's will be offered a reward befitting their efforts in the items retrieval.
  • Perhaps one of the PC's is a trickster themselves and while sitting in a tavern fleecing the locals of their coin a cocky young man walks up to them and boasts about not being able to lose a game of cups. How will the PC('s) react when they notice that their game isn't going as planned?