1) Go Beyonde

Wizard Spell, Level One 1

   For one full round, a gate to another dimension is opened. That Dimension is called Beyonde. It is a place of eldritch horrors but if you are careful, movement there for every 10 feet there you cover 1 mile here. It is very dangerous and creatures will attack). near instantaneously upon your arrival. in practice, you can roughly cover about 300 miles(after this point you will be subjected to overwhelming attack.Brave(Foolish?) peeps attempt to send armies through, that is very iffy. you can only get to approx. D6 miles of where you want to come out(requiring another casting of the spell.

   Basically you have teleportation available to L 1 Wizard's , this would shake kingdoms to the core, if an enemy army could appear at any moment,D6 miles from a target. Warfare becomes very fluid and much smaller forces are scattered about the countryside.

2) The Shattered Forest

   The elves were having their 100 year anniversary of their beloved queen's rule. Elves from all over the world flooded into the Hometree to celebrate, but not everyone was happy. A powerful mage was shunned from the festivities . He performed a ritual to make it rain very hard but something went very wrong. The Hometree shattered into millions of pieces. Bits of tree pieces embedded in all the elves palm, filling them with rage.

They declared war on the world.

3) The Land of The Protectors

   In the bronze age a struggling people have turned to the few powerful individuals to keep peace and order. The Protectors are these men. They are judge ,jury and executioners.Think Judge Dread In the ancient past.

   We are going to go very old school w this one meaning, Cleric fighter and Wizard only but also human only, there will be no demihumans at all,. May do this as either a single monster or perhaps a 10 monster world.?Still might make this human only: Period

   The Protectors are identified by a magic bronze short sword that they all must carry. It is their weopan and their badge of authority. as bronze is a -1/-1 material these are enchanted to +2, so the net is they are ++1

The Skull-Reapers

   This barbarian tribe was decimated by the Protectors about 5 years ago. They were the greatest threat to the Land, now they are a mere nusance. They seek to join with the time travelers from the future, wishing to be paid in steel weopans. They are equipped with wooden clubs, skull and hide armor(ac7). They have a few shamans, the rest are barbarian, most of their high level tribesman did not survive the full attenuation of the Protectors. Their is a thriving Black Market for slaves and the Reapers are eager to fill that demand. Exchanging them for bronze equipment.

4) Kaledon, The World of Mages

I have often been interested in doing an all wizards game. wizard is my fav char class and I would love a group of 3-5 PC mages.

A long time ago the people of Kaladon were engulfed in a darkness of evil ,covering the world. A group of liches put a strangle hold on the warrior and adventurers by making them all 1 st Level and stopping them from advancing in level.The only adventurers that avoid was wizards as the liches could not outlawing them without harming themselves. The wizards rallied and drove them out of about 1/2 the world. A titanic struggle continues as the undaed battle to regain their supremacy.

   PC wizards start at 3rd level and top out at 11th. Non wizards start at first and can only advance to 6th. The only non wizard classes are 3 specialized fighter classes ,  thieves and clerics

5)  Mote, a tiny world

   To escape his dozens of enemies . a powerful magic fabricated a microscopic world for his safety. A strange culture has emerged in the population and the tiny world has strange rules Magic is truly weird here

   Magic here is exactly the same as normal........sort of. You see,the problem is range and area effected, Range on all spells (with a range) is to the horizon and any spell w an area effect is the whole world, this is REALLY fun when PC spellcasters cast their first couple of spells. Remember this world is the size of a mote of dust

.Weather and Day/night
   Weather is sunny and warm a constant 72 degrees. Day/day night is like switching a light switch(which it is in fact). Day is 16 hours of high noon. Night is 8 hours of absolute darkness. It Rains every 4 days in a torrent
of d4 damage water "droplets, it only rains for 1/2 hour

6) Unicorns, Blinks Dogs and Pegasis, OH MY!

   As the Great Empire was crumbling from the insides and beset by enemies on all sides, the crown prince is taking desperate measure with the Royal Gardens.
Filled with unicorns and other exotic creatures ,he had been working on a plan to free all of the 1000's of good and or gentle animals. As the Final war begins a few ships are packed w the animals and brave adventurers are needed for his noble tree hugging mission

The Remember Bird
   These birds come in 3 varieties(detailed below) but they all share the following. The bird will present a small token of what it is going to convey(the token will be directly related for the coming vision).This token(if held) will give a very brief flash insight in the brain of the holder.Their origin is lost to time. If speak w animals is cast the chirping will be revealed as"Take this Please!"i
The Common Remember Bird reveals insight about the past. For example it will give a view of a power king if you were in the ruins of his city Or maybe seeing ones grandmother you never met.

   The Uncommon Remember Bird reveals the present. You might see the throne room of a noble you should see, Or maybe what your mother is up to.

   The Rare Remember Bird will reveal the future. Not a possible future but the definite future. It will reveal an enemy(perhaps showing a weakness) Or you grown up son, who looks a lot like you

In all cases the visions are crystal clear, but fragmented

other than all of this, it is a just a small bird

These can be used to advance a plot or foreshadowing or to advance the player's back story

Demonhunt Fox
HD 2-4
AC Chain
other basic stats =wolf

image https://gatherer.wizards.com/P...

   This new creature has just been set lose on our world by a well meaning deity. They are a 2 edged sword.

Released in an area haunted by undead, at first they did as they had been instructed by the nature god, destroy said undead. It worked for a while but after several generations they began to prey on the local fauna and domestic animals, they seem to really like chicken. Attempts by authorities to transplant them to other evil haunted areas have been met by limited success and efforts are continuing.

  Formally keeping to the deep woods they were released into now they are roaming far and wide. Due to their much higher AC, the foxes are a threat to the indigenous wolves. The locals have shown remarkable restraint in dealing with them but a few locals and foxes have been killed in skirmishes.

   The DF is and makes an outstanding pet for a druid or ranger

   They will always attack devils, deamons and undead ferociously gaining a second attack, both are treated as a +3 magic weapon vrs these foes.(including to hit and damage.

Tor, the Androsphinx scholar
   Tor is just miserable. The ship is being constantly being attacked by gynoshinxs looking for love. All he wants to do is read his books. What is worse is that the guards are starting to realize that he is all the gynos want so they don't have to fight them. He is bored and lonely, once in a while being visited by teleporting mages seeking a bit of lore from him. They are only interested i their missions and rarely relive his boredom for long. He gets new books, scrolls and cash in exchange for hi knowledge. He has a prized magic item (dm's choice for it's identity) that he will happily part with to a friendly soul or someone who fights of several female attacks.

7) It's a dog"s life

   The focus of this world is the following: How would a world shape if in the very early stages of magic, dogs were utilized as the main creature that was worked(like Owl bears for example) on, to a level of the breeds we have IRL: How would this shape everything. In reality I think this should be common place in the universe as dogs have so much potential.

   Ok , just about the first thing that would be bred is a replacement for the horse. Horses really don't have the right disposition as a servant of man and have a lot of mental quirks. I'm not ever sure that the horse DNA would even be used on this project.

   Another early projects would be evil mages replacing the Orc. Dogs naturally make packs and have a social  pecking order. Phasing out the Orc is prob the first thing that evil mages would do

Dwarven Sonic Hound


   Years of tampering have made this creature an extremely valuable addition to the Dwarven arsenal. It's bark can only be heard by other dogs but penetrates 10 feet of stone in a 100 foot diameter. You pair this w normal dogs and the normal dog will bark in reply. They are amazing watchdogs and even hear invisible things.They are such great allies that the Dwarve's enemies will do raids just to kill these dogs.

   It also has a silent sonic atack that does d12 damage or 2d10 to creatures w keen hearing(such as bats) in a 10 foot diameter .


BONUS) Mt. Vendren

   This microplane is about 100 square miles, making it one of the larger ones.The dimensional anchor which is keeping it together are the eggs of the Great Owl Buzzard( see below). A few common animals such as Great rams and a few kinds of birds inhabit . The wildlife are being hunted to extinction by the Owls, making it a dwindling species also. The Owls are the only thing of interest. There are no gates or portals that reach into the plane, travelers can only get there by spell.

The Great Owl Buzzard

   These 6 foot tall birds are about as smart as an average dog, making them among the smartest birds without true sentience. The Owls live in mated pairs and if one of the pair dies, unless there are young to take care of, the other will die shortly after.

They are:
AC 14(6)
move 24/ 12 on the ground.

   They have a special attack that they can only use once without penalty. , as they fire off their razor sharp feathers in a devastating volley doing 2d6. after this first attack the bird can only fly at 18,. If they attack a second time they loss the ability to fly, doing D8. A third attack can be made doing only d6., it will take d6 months to grow feathers back.They only fight to protect their mate, young or eggs.

The Eggs

   the eggs of the Owl can be used as a magic component for casting enhanced levitation or fly spells. The enhancement is triple duration and speed.

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