The Plot-Jet is an unrealistic aircraft that exists to full a variety of plot roles inside the generic action drama and the large number of abilities the craft has are directly related to creating narrative convenience. Thus, the following list details the key attributes of a plot-jet, the shortcomings they cover, and they its BS.

1. The Motorhome Cockpit

The cockpit of the plot-jet likely seats four, this number is important because it allows for the celebrity cast to fly the vehicle, but the open space between the seats is super important because at various points its important for the cocksure hero to take the controls from the young upstart, or the plucky comic relief character to demonstrate their master of a single aspect of flying an aircraft.

Why is is a cop-out: fighters have one seat, some have two for two people to control the craft. The only flying vehicles large enough for that sort of flying motorhome look are WWII and cold war era bombers. 

2. The Passenger Cargo Bay with cargo ramp

Regardless of the capabilities of the craft, the plot-jet has a cargo bay large enough to carry the ensemble cast, any needed plot devices, and anything else that needs to fit inside.

Cop out: cargo craft are cargo aircraft, and they are not sleek, sexy, acrobatic, or any of those other things that the plot-jet is. The ramp is super important because how else is the super heroic celebrity cast going to shoot one liners off of before they jump into a flying acrobatic battle.

3. VTOL Capability

Regardless of the size or shape of the Plot-jet it has VTOL capability, lifting off and flitting away with the same ease as a small helicopter

Cop out time? VTOLs dont need runways or airports, and can quickly launch from the carrier without being hooked up to the catapult. That means that the Plot-jet can go anywhere, take of and land from any farm, remote airstrip, or hell, the surface of another world.

4. High Speed Low Drag

Plot-Jets have the same performance capabilities as a next generation fighter, or hell, second gen space shuttle, even flying to other planets.

Cop Out to tower, clearance requested: The Plot-Jet is super duper fast so the ensemble cast can get from the LA soundstage to the CG set without requiring flight time. It is also useful for intercepting nukes aimed at large cities, alien craft, and other threats. 

5. Stealth Capability

It's a flying VTOL capable fighter jet schoolbus motorhome, but also, it's invisible on RADAR.Because it's advanced, maybe something quantum is involved.

Invisible Cop-Out: the stealth capability it super important to the plot jet, otherwise any of the hundreds of ground radars, marine radars, people with eyes, aircraft with radar, etc would notice the craft and respond with their own fighters, surface to air missiles, or similar defensive countermeasures, that when dealing with a single plot-jet should easy snipe it out of the sky like the turkey it is.

6. Blistering Weapons Package/Fighter Capability

The Plot-Jet doesnt just have the performance of a next gen fighter, it probably has equivalent or greater firepower.

Calling Major Cop-Out: The Plot-jet has a lot of firepower for a single reason, so that at the pinnacle of action, it can be destroyed, forcing the celebrity cast to rely on their own abilities and powers rather than the firepower, ability, and technology of a hundred million plus dollar super weapon aircraft

7. Super Duper Autopilot

To be fair, aircraft do have autopilot systems.

Cop out? Absolutely, the autopilot systems on the plot-jet allows the state of the art advanced super craft to be flown, with only the slightest involvement from its decidedly NOT pilot celebrity cast. The jet can land and take off on its own, maintain its own course, set its own destination, and the crew is only needed to pull on the controls and press buttons when caught in the inevitable plane chase scene.

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8. Secret crawl spaces

That somebody could crawl under the floorboards of an aircraft or hide in the wiring somewhere. Sure, there are cargo areas and such in commercial (see #2) but to the extent they use these areas is cringe worthy. If there is cargo, and their should be, there isn't much room to move. And the suitcases would be an insane barrier to a great fight scene.

Cop Out: In order to sneak anywhere, somewhere, in military craft they crawl under the floorboards and in commercial aircraft they shimmy down to the cargo area where there is nothing but space for pushing equipment into each other with plenty of hiding spots. They require a sneak attack or a bad ass fight scene out of the way of the passengers.

9. You will get sucked out a hole in the aircraft

No, the pressure difference would cause a small whoosh if you were on the ground and blew a hole in an airplane. Nothing would get sucked anywhere. Probably not even the bag under the seat in front of you if the wall next to you blew out. However, wind and loss of structure would cause some havoc to the same extent loosing a passenger door on a car would. And it might be a bit cold, altitude and all that. Lights probably won't be blinking per most movies but the oxygen should fall.

Cop Out: You WILL get sucked out the aircraft and you will have to defy the suction to heroically crawl to safety and probably hold other peoples arms as they also get sucked out the airplane (or snakes, whatever).