1. Biciteki's Boots of Adventure!

Boots of Adventure are very fine and well made boots, with stout soles, and tough construction. They are made of faux dragonscale, itself typically made from reptile leather taken from large animals that are generally not dragons. These boots are magical and once per scene they can allow the wearer to re-roll any one roll that involves mobility, balance, running, or anything else that boots could be useful in. Alternately, in lieu of this re-roll, the magic of the boots can be used for one automatic success on a skill check around the skills the boots could assist in.

Biciteki was a poor Adventurer-Upon-Return, who after a brief career took up cobbling and bootmaking. With his experience, he made boots that were versatile, tough, and utilitarian in their use.

2. Kimil's Boots of Mighty Kicking

Boots of Mighty Kicking, alternately called Kimil's Mule-Boots, are magical boots that can be used to deliver stupendously powerful kicks. If used in melee combat, the Boots of Mighty Kicking have twice the chance of inflicting critical damage (a 16-20 on a D20 roll for double damage, if normal crit range is 19-20), and any foe struck by a blow from the boots must make a check or be knocked back or prone. Creatures 1 size smaller are sent flying as if they were thrown if they fail, two sizes smaller don't get to check versus being punted. Creatures one size larger have an easier chance of resisting the knock back. Creatures more than two sizes larger are unaffected (no characters kicking dragons prone). The boots can also be used to attempt to sunder stationary objects, like smashing doors, kicking down trees, and so forth. For these efforts, the character must devote an entire round to striking a kick pose, and then all of their actions in the second round go to the attempt. If successful, they can add 50% to their strength stat for the attempt, without hard to themselves.

Kimil with a thin and waif-like sorceress who grew tired of wasting spells on the leering goblins who were constantly tearing at her clothes and leaving her in wardrobe compromised positions. With her new boots, she would punt goblins and kobolds across dungeons.

3. Boots of the Valahur

A type of 'high heeled' boot, the Boots of the Valahur are worn by the knights and horsemen of that nation. While commonly considered women's wear, these manly war boots with 3 inch heels dig firmly into the stirrups of their saddles, making the horsemen of the Valahur very difficult to unhorse. This is more than just design though. There is magic woven into the boots, so that the wearer gets to add +5 to any horsemanship or riding checks.

The Valahur are a wild people, in tune with their horses, espouse an animistic religion, and are rife with sorcerers and dragon-blooded, who can use magic without training in wizardry. Their magic appears in the utilitarian tools and pragmatic weapons they make.

4. Bovegis' Greatboots

Greatboots are well made leather boots that are heavily ornamented with silver and steel plates and studs. They also add almost a foot to the wearer's height, making them taller and more intimidating. So long as the boots are worn, the wearer counts as being on size larger, thus a medium sized dwarf or human would react to events as if they were a large sized creature.

Bovegis was a dwarf who was tired of always coming up...short. He created the greatboots as a way to even the competition, and eventually became known as Bovegis the Greatdwarf.

5. Levuda's Charming Boots

Made initially for women, Levuda's Charming Boots are very stylish and haute coture, often more desirable for their fashionable appearance. They are often bright and exotic leathers, with intricate and well done stitching. Very posh. The wearer of Levuda's Charming Boots can stack their Charisma/Appearance stat bonuses with their Agility/Dexterity stat bonuses. The downside of the boots is that if the wearer happens to have a negative modifier on their charisma or appearance, this negative modifier is also stacked.

Levuda was a Style Mage, and her boots were intended for the beautiful people to wear, the chosen footwear of elves, demigods of beauty, and heroic leaders, not crude crushers, or others who weren't drop dead gorgeous.

6. Vykax's Forestal Boots

The arch-druid Vykax was one of the best forestals (forest protectors) to live. He created a number of magic items to assist in his protection of the Green, and his Forestal Boots were very well made, and eventually copied. The boots grant the wearer the ability to Pass Without a Trace, a magical ability that makes it impossible for them to be tracked with mundane skills. The wearer could walk across a muddy bank, a field of moss, or any other terrain and leave no bent leaves, crumpled blades of grass, and no fallen leaves harmed.

Vykax is best known for his boots. They were by no means his best item, but it was the only one that was able to be reverse engineered and replicated by his apprentices. The boots were stolen from Vykax's forest tomb, and were the thing that allowed their thief, the journeyman ranger Tomys, to hunt down and defeat his rival forestals as well as getting the drop of several over rivals in the area.

7. Lohr's Relentless Boots

The necromancer Lohr was known for killing people and animals and binding their spirits to various items in a series of long running and cruel experiments. It's Relentless Boots were made by binding the spirit of a wild donkey to the black leather and brass studded boots. The wearer of the boots gains the tireless stride of a donkey, able to travel long distances with little need for rest or refreshment. For endurance checks, the wearer has the effective constitution of a mule or donkey, or what would pass for human normal maximum, plus one. A side effect is that the wearer will become more stubborn and stoic, which can be dangerous as the magic of the boots only gives stamina for endurance actions, like overland travel, or moving through less than hospitable locales, and no actual bonus to resisting damage, just fatigue. The boots also radiate necromancy and register as evil artifacts.

Lohr went on to do increasingly strange soul bindings, but the Relentless Boots proved to be the most unique of his magical footwear implements, after the Iron Boots that were fashioned for his restless dead to wear to keep their feet intact longer.

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