Phineas Clavius's simple "Tract on the Myth-time" is a very influencial essay in the world of Elbelos, and is essential reading not only for any who begin to study the history of Elbelos, but also for many young magical scholars who wish an introduction into divine fables. He authored an incredible amount of papers and scrolls regarding acrane matters in his lifetime, and this is one of the few of his writings which is readable by a layman.


The elbelos creation myth is possibly the best example of the belief unity in Elbelos. Contrary to possible expectations, the creation myth is shared equally amongst all lands and people on Elbelos. This ubiquity stems from the evidence of divine contact which have conspired to steer all denizens into the same belief system.

This, however, is not to say that there is undivided unity in this world. Many wars have errupted over the eras due to conflict over patron dieties' identity or petty squabbles over how exactly to follow a patron's guidance.

(One notable example of this is the normally peaceful Elventi's "Time of Unrest", where Brother was driven against brother in a conflict which was rooted in no more than which alphabet to use on texts regarding divine matters. The scorn received from the patron deity in quetsion soon put a stop to this debacle, but blood was irreversibly spilt and to this day, the conflict remains between certain influential families in the Elventi community)

There also exists differing interpretations of the events in the Myth times, and this document will attempt to represents the most commonly held view only. As a Scholar, I am obliged to recognise that such widely accepted views have sometimes been discredited in light of new understanding and would request the reader to check the validity of many sources therein by themselves, so that their judgement may be their own.

The Myths are, however, a journey which I have, for many years, followed. And my greatest hope is that, with this volume, you may see alittle on the nature of our world.

With no further ado, I invite you to follow my journey across the Myth-time.

Phineas Clavius, Member of the most honoured academy of Arcane matters, Lux.

The Elbelos Creation Myth

The Elbelos Cretion myth is often told as a unique and most colourful story. From an academic perspective, however, it is preferable to consider the key events which are most widely accepted. The Conventional historical time line is mostly based upon the Elventi records, which pre-date humanity's by several millenia. The Creation Myths are centered in their records around a particular serie of historical books, by a small order which is known to the Elventi people as "The smaller kin-group of the patron of knowledge". This group has been recording historical events from its creation during the birth of the Elventi kind, and yet the records do not go back far enough to confirm the events surrounding the creation of the Elventi people, and certainly not the Draconic dissonance (fall of the Dragons).

To be able to understand these events, we must look surprisingly more recently in the records, to the Great war of the gods. It is accepted that the Divine did walk the earth, and many of the artifacts that remain were of great informative value. From the material left, we have been able to reconstruct much of the primitive time before the elventi records began. One particular item of interest is the Codex of Liberium, Found in the razed city of Liberium, which, although we now only possess poor copies, was rumoured to be the divine record book of Dianosus, Eternal of knowledge. The translations which we now possess (on display at the Arcanum Bibliopolis) unfortunately only refer to the historical events, and not to the entireity of the codex, which is beleived to hold knowledge dating to the creations of the gods. Regardless, the Librerium Translations have allowed us to develop an understanding of the pre-Elventi times. With these translations,

The Liberium translations

Although incomplete and fragmented, the Liberium Translations provide us with millenias of records regarding Divine matters before the time of the Elventi, and certain clarifications after the Elven Records began. Unfortunately, few are those who can read the arcane Elventi script into which the original was translated. A significant effort was made to condense the meaning of the Translations into a short resume of the original. For this purpose, several key events can be distinguished.

-gods are sustained on mortal worship

Aeo and the weave
The silence, and the creation of the gods
Discord, and The divine Cataclysm
The arrogance, the Divine plane, And the dragons
the second life. Or how the material plane came to be
Of the dilemma of souls.
The Schism, And the draconic dissonance
The forgiveness, and the blessing
The Elventi, and the jealousy
(creation of the Elventi)

The record of the Kin-group of knowledge

-efforts vital in original translation of Liberium codex

evlen war vs dwarves
the peace
the first chaos war
(creation of the goblins and the orcs)
the divine wars
(mythical beasts)
empire lost, empire won
the second chaos war

dark_dragon notes:
-Eternal is synonymous with gods. And both terms are used interchangeably There is a true GOD, Aeo, but he resembles more a transcendental entity rather than a pantheonic god.