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August 11, 2010, 12:21 am

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30 Songs


30 Sweet and Sorrowful, Sanctified and Sketchy, Surreal and Subliminal, Sounds to be found from the Street to the Stars.

1. Hymn of He Who

"He Who is Born is He Who Dies. He Who Lies and He Who Cries. He Who, He Who. Who, Who is He Who? He Who is You, and you are He Who…"

The Hymn of He Who is a a hard to follow tune that repeats the words "He Who" to an annoying degree. Still, it can be catchy. It usually carries the message that everyone is the same, and should be treated equally.

2. Dirge of D’Oardanought

Best ye do! Do not, Do not! Do not try! There can be no try when ye plans to die! Satan’s embrace awaits ye who who dares the fates!

A macabre tune that reminds us that you should never attempt what you don’t plan on completing. Often played at funerals of those who chose to end their own lives, it can be viewed as distasteful but it sends a strong message.

3. Brujmiir’s Boreal Beat

"Bruuhm Bada Bada Bruuhm, Bada Bruuhm Bruuhm Bada!"

Not actually a song, more of a song style, invented in the frigid north. It uses heavy, seemingly nonsense, ‘B’ words with plenty of short strong vowels to keep the blood flowing and the body warm. Usually yelled while stiffly dancing in a rough circle with other freezing barbarians.

4. Tune of the Waste-not

"Eat, my men! Feast, my men! Leave not a drop for the hen!"

A loud boisterous tune that fuels the appetite. Usually sung during great banquets with plenty of food for all. This is also referred to as The Glutton’s Cacophony.

5. A Rhyme for the Foolish Boy

"The burning one may now awake, for you have tasted of his infected rake. With not a thought, you took the bait, now he leaves you to your fate."

A rhyme used to tease travelers who went to bed with the wrong barmaid. It is common for children to learn this rhyme young and sing it at anyone who dares itch their crotch in public.

6. Bardic Banter

"Hello, my friend, Let us rhyme until our end. With these words, and nary a pen, I challenge you as I have other men. Now, rhyme with me as I rhyme again!"

Sometimes when those wonderfully rhythmic men, the bards of our world, get together: A challenge will be thrown. This is known as Bardic Banter. They will speak in complex rhymes; each trying to trip up the other, until they’re too exhausted to declare a winner or someone blanks for too long.

7. Digger’s Chant

Hm. Ha. Hm. Ha. Dig the dirt. Break the rock. Hm. Ha. Hm. Ha. With my shovel. With my pick.

Adopted from a Dwarven tunneling song, the human version doesn’t flow quite as well, or coerce the earth spirits into submission, but it does help pass the time.

8. Song of Sour Notes

"<Insert Sour Notes Here>"

Composed by an insane siren, this gibberish is specially calibrated to harm any and all listeners. The best case scenario is hearing loss. The worst case scenario is death from the listener's brain exploding.

9. Reposing Requiem

"Requiem Aeter Nam Do Ra E Is Domi~..."

A holy tune sung at funerals to honor the deceased. It is said that the tune helps guarantee the departed a safe journey to their destination.

10. Jig of the Mad

"Twist your feet, jump in the air, kick your partner, and roar like a bear!"

Commonly used by vile satyrs and wayward gypsies, anyone (except the singer) that hears the song loses control of their own bodies, and acts accordingly to the song. The only hope for the victimized is that the singer tires and/or falls out of tune, or that they themselves can join in with the jig.

11. Lullaby of Ages


A gentle song passed down from generation to generation, the lullaby puts all listeners into a deep, restful sleep upon completion.

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