She has been singing for many years and started small, at private parties and restaurants and then as the opening act for far more famous people, and now she is one of the famous singers in the country and needs bodyguards to protect her from stalkers and obsessive fans. Where once she was very happy to spend time with her individual fans, now she tries to avoid them for the most part. Her talent and her voice are both titanic and she writes  all her own songs.


The village bard, his singing is so dreadful that he is often bound and gagged at the great feasts of the year to shut him up, but when in battle he is normally allowed to sing, to add his voice to the other horrors of warfare that the foe will be facing. Apart from that he is allowed to practice singing out of earshot of the village, and on his birthday as a special favor he is allowed to sing as much as he wants to within the village itself.

3-Warden’s Pet

Once a famous blues singer, he got into a fight with another man and pulled a knife. He was lucky to escape the death penalty as the other person was partly to blame and was lucky enough that he was sent to a prison where the prison governor was a fan of his singing. He lives in reasonable comfort with his own cell , plenty of books and pillows, and protection from being attacked as long as he sings for the governor when called upon.

4-Songpit Inmate

After speaking against Queen Yocasta and his government once too often, this man ended up in The Songpit but so far, he has managed to avoid beatings or worse by coming up with all manner of interesting songs and ballads. When he is released he may well get a music contact with the Guild of Bards and Musicians.

5-Rebel Rouser

The government of his country is unpleasant, inefficient, and grossly greedy and his songs and ballads poke fun at them, fan public anger, and are close to rousing a rebellion that the government might not be able to stop. He is a wanted man and hides in the woods in summer, moving from house to house of his friends and fans during the winter. Should he be caught an execution is likely to be in his future.

6-Playing for time

Sentenced to death for a murder but allowed to speak to the crowd, this infamous bandit has come up with a ballad that is so hilarious that noone wants to give the order to hang him quite yet as they are too busy laughing. He is hoping like Micawber that something will come up. Perhaps his fellow bandits will be able to bust him out of there, or a reprieve will arrive, or the death penalty will be abolished before his execution. If help of some kind does not come soon, he will end up hanging from the gallows.


Once he was one of the best and most popular singers in the country but a combination of time, rather too much food and drink, and too many illegal drugs have ruined his voice and to a point his mind, and his fans are drifting away. To make things worse, he spent more money then he had when he was famous and his creditors are starting to demand their money back. Unless he gets back into shape and regains his fans soon he could lose everything.

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