1-Spoilt Knight 

The Spoilt Knight is of noble birth, and considers everybody who is not of noble birth to be deeply inferior to him and only fit for serving their noble betters. He also considers himself to be a far better warrior and jouster that he genuinely is, and is generally not all that popular even with most of his fellow knights, as he puts on airs and graces even towards them. In a country where the vast majority ofd the nobility shares his views, this makes revolts or even full-scale revolutions much more likely. His armor and weapons are of the very best and most fashionable kind, and he does know how to fight well, just not quite as well as he thinks that he does. He hates Hedge Knights, thinks they should not legally be allowed to exist, and refuses to joust against them or to have anything to do with them.

2-Hedge Knight 

Not all knights are of noble birth, although most are. Occasionally, when a city is under siege and there are not enough noble-born knights to successfully man the defenses, or when an ordinary soldier does something amazingly brave and escapes with his life,non-nobles are knighted, and they are known as Hedge Knights. They have all the rights of the lesser nobility, but they cannot normally pass these rights onto their heirs, and their shields bear the symbol of the city or the King who knighted them, rather then a noble coat-of-arms. Not all Orders of Knighthood will accept them, and not all noble knights welcome them into knightly society. This particular Hedge Knight personally saved the life of his King on the battlefield.

3-Cursed Knight 

This knight got drunk once too often and ended up cursing out his King in a public tavern, and somebody snitched on him. Rather then send him to face the headsman's axe, the King had some mercy, and sentenced him to serve ten years guarding a pass against bandits and illegal immigrants whilst wearing a suit of Black Iron Armor to stop him from neglecting his duty. Most of the time, the punishment is just the sheer boredom, as action at this pass is rare and it's mostly just a case of checking documents. He bitterly regrets what he did to end up in this situation.

4-Night Knight 

This Knight belongs to the Order of the Moon, whose members are trained in night fighting, night marching, and dealing with vampires and other such Undead and creatures of the night. They also serve as the police during night time, enforce any curfews when such things need to be enforced, and their patrols deter burglars. He has rarely seen the sun, and his skin is as pale as his armor is dark.

5-Hells Knight

Many, perhaps most, knights commit what in the modern era are seen as war crimes, but this knight delights in robbing, pillaging, murdering civilians and generally being bad, and he joined an Order of knights that feel the same way he does, The Order of Righteous Victory the knightly equivalent of a biker gang. He does not, however, foul the area where he lives, as if one plunders and pillages one's tenants, there is no way they can pay the Order their feudal taxes which is a much more solid and long lasting as well as a much more legal way of gaining wealth.

6-Coward Knight 

This Knight has the deeply kept secret that he is a coward when it comes to battle. He would much rather have gone into the Church, but he was his father's only legitimate son and his family would lose their knighthood. His father brought him a couple of magical weapons, which wereThe Xan-axe and The Sword of Fear to boost his bravery and lower that of his foes, and he has the former weapon with him at all times, tied to his wrist in battle so he can't drop it and give into his inner terror. Without the former weapon, he would be shuddering with fear whenever a battle was likely.


The Takamori was loyal to the government for most of his life, rose high in rank and fought well in several battles, including a thankfully short-lived civil war, but has turned against it and started a rebellion. As with any rebellion there were several causes. Many of the knights thought they were not paid well enough or appreciated enough by the government that they brought to power, but the final straw was when it was made illegal even for knights to carry swords in public. Many of the knights thought that this was an outrage and was tantamount to stripping them of their nobility, and turned their now illegal swords against the government. Despite his high rank, the Takamori resigned it, prefering to lead his fellow knights against the government that he once served so faithfully.

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