The Stolen World is defined by the 1000 year cycles of destruction, brought on by the Star Whale feeding and subsequent total barbarism that ensues. Not just the crafting of weapons is lost each time, but the very fundamentals of magic must be rediscovered. It varies from cycle to cycle how well both of these concepts are resurrected. As only 1000 years is the allotted time to develop these, both crafts are less well developed than is to be found in the typical fantasy world. In a few cycles, magic is not even rediscovered thou this is uncommon.

With out the constant use of higher magic and the control of the ambient magical energy found in the world (produced by Mage weed that flourishes throughout the planet ), magical mana is plentiful and wildly unpredictable. This unpredictability is both a boon and a curse. Some of the more crudely made items shut off from time to time, but never completely dim, others will surge in power only to shut down in a cooling off period. The juxtaposition of low knowledge and high potential leads to unpredictable magic use as well.


(the following have no enhancements other than listed)


Sandy,as his friends called him, lived under a black cloud for just about his whole life. He was a middling student that had a poor home life. The third son of an abusive blacksmith, Sandy showed an aptitude for magic by manifesting spell like abilities at a very early age. At this point in the Stolen World ,magic was just beginning to show its potential, and he was sent to the city of Miir, where it was known ,magic was being understood. Easily finding a mage to apprentice with, he excelled at learning a few rudimentary spells available at the time. Then the bad luck struck. He was party to a tremendous spell failure that killed his mentor and all other students.Never knowing it was not really his fault, Sandy fled Miir of the repercussions that were sure to follow, taking with him all the early magic knowledge there.

At this point ,unable to find a noble patron, he took up freelance adventuring, with moderate success. Plagued with party death , he sought one more score to set him up in study and keeping apprentices. Locating a powerful chimera he took up the hunt, he planned carefully for a year, gathering allies and getting farmers and nobles to finance the hunt. As his cloud followed ,his allies were mostly killed but the chimera also died yielding his much sought after security..

Sandy tried his hand at spell creation ,but he swiftly realized that he had no talent for it. He cast about for an avenue of study and finally settled on weapon crafting.He did not have great luck with this but ,he sought after patrons to finance his efforts, many were willing to pony up the cash , at even a chance of an enchanted blade being the result..

Sandy was not to be blamed for his flawed creations. He was inventing,as far as he knew,totally new territory and had nothing from the past to guide him. He found an expedient way to enchant blades and did his best. Many were the failures along the way.His untimely death was at the hands of an unhappy customer. (all of the following have the following properties Flicker. Wilding and selective) The Enchantments are all enhanced by a precient enchantment that predicts opponent movements.

1 Hero Slayer- This long Sword is engraved with tombstones and 3/day has moderate to enhancement vrs experienced individuals

2 Emasculator- Short Sword covered with male members. On a critical hit...........

3 Pure Iron-simple looking grey metal spear. above average enhancement vrs Fey

4 Righteous Silver-Silver infused longsword, average enhancement vrs undead, moderate enhancement vrs Werewolves

5 Farseeker-Mace covered by unnatural geometric patterns and creatures, above average enhancement vrs extra-planar

6 Just-covered in ornate etching of battles with extraordinary creatures, This Long Sword can hit creatures that you need silver or magic to hit

7 Warmaster Great Sword that has above average enhancement during a battle that includes at least 30 combatants to begin with, provides below average enhancement to morale of your side

8 Pink Slayer crude looking short sword, minor enhancement vrs humans

9 Granite-patchwork mixed grey stone and steel, can only be broken by magic

10 Backstab-very small black dagger,above average enhancement when attacking from behind

11 Feather-ultra thin and light long sword, Minor bonus to initiative

12 Pesticide-bright red warhammer, Minor enhancement vrs rats and bugs, above average enhancement vrs dogs and children

13 Last Resort heavy gold tipped spear, minor penalty to hit and damage, will hit any creature,regardless of any defenses it may have and cuts through all damage resistance

14 Wizard Bane- light absorbing black long sword, moderate enhancement vrs magic wielders

15 The Singing Sword- This bronze and silver inlaid bastard sword provides minor enhancement to dodge/agility/ac


Birth c.451 Death c.824

Ikela was a paragon from an early age. As strong as the strongest fighter, as quick as the sharpest thief, the charisma of an evangelist but his greatest gift was his intellect. Courted by all the guilds and masters from every adventuring discipline, he settled on magic. This was surprising to every one as he had the temperament of a very stoic paladin . C. 429 ,he began a life of adventure. Quick to uphold the virtues of good and law. Hurling fireballs and then wadding into melee combat with his custom Stoney Fist spell.

Ikela adventured for quite some time becoming THE paragon of a combat mage. Finding his niche among adventurers he was smitten by a female paladin. While she valued him for his mighty prowess,she did not reciprocate his love. As hard as he tried she only saw him as a companion,not more.. He bitterly parted ways for he could not stand the way she treated him. He began adventuring with other groups but his thoughts were only of her. Devastaion struck, he was placed into stasis by unknown forces.. Saved by adventurers from his stasis he emerged hundreds of years from the paladin who was the object of his desire.

Resuming adventuring, he threw himself into one hopeless battle after another, hopping to end his torment. But death eluded him ,he carefully chose his companions and was such a battle beast,that he emerged victorious from every pointless fight. At roughly the age of 69 he entered a battle with goblins. He had way more trouble with them than he had expected. It was then that he decided to enter the field of weapon making to round out his final years.

He was only one of two mages to discover more than one method of enchanting weapons. This was because he threw himself into crafting items with the same balls to the walls he had previously used on combat. His blades show a maturity not found elsewhere.(all of these have Surge and Jealous) 16-18 are enhanced by Speed to make their enchantment 19 and 20 are enhanced by holy energy (luck based)

16 Hero- this dragon encrusted great sword gives a extraordinary enhancement bonus,three times a day for one swing

17 Teacher-This great sword is covered in cryptic, artistic looking runes. any one,regardless of skill, strength or restrictions ,may use this

18 Pure Light. This highly polished copper mace provides any color light of your choice in a 40' radius

19 Hard-ling this specially enhanced white and blue flowered pillow functions also as a fully functional club.

20 Prison- a man catcher that provides an above average bonus to strength


Vendren was born to privilege that was able to see his talent.He was quickly ushered in to a school of privilege and excellence. He was able to specialize in weapon creation at a relatively early age. He had only one desire, to make weapons that were finally flaw free and truly epic. He was the second enchanter to use more than one style of enchanting based heavily on the works of Ikela that he was able to cannibalize. He is still enchanting as of c. 997(the current year). (all of these have flicker) The enchantments are time skipping based, the blade are 'pushed' temporarily where they need to be.

21 Storm Childe-long sword that has above average enhancement in the rain

22 Midnight shiny black short sword that has minor enhancement at night


Nothing is known of the history of these weapons as their stories are lost to previous cycles. They all come from times of greater magical knowledge.They are of a mature enhancement and probably are of the 25.000 year lost Kuthrii empire or poss even earlier

All of the following weapons have a minor enhancement unless otherwise noted

23 Havok(no enhancement bonus) This great sword always criticals on a hit. It causes a localized storm to slowly form as the fight goes on, leading eventually(during a very long fight) wind ,then rain and finally randomly striking mini lightning bolts (Jeleous, Life seeking)

24 Fangbreaker-Long sword that has an above average enhancement vrs minions of undead, extraordinary enhancement vrs undead.(Surge)

25 Relentless- This great sword never critically misses. (temporal)

26 The Master of Combat-This ordinary looking broadsword gives the wielder an extra attack (Selective, Holy)

27 FarReach adorned with arrows, this two handed battle ax may be used in both melee and ranged combat to a distance of

100' (holy)

28 Fox's Prize This quarterstaff provides extraordinary bonus to knowledge skills (surge, lifeseeking)

29 Arc-This battle ax can strike up to 3 adjacent foes(rolls to hit must be made vrs each separately, it glows bright blue, and traces arcs of lightning as it is swung.(wilding, Lifeseeking)

Flicker-50% chance of being on or off at any time

Jealous will not function if you own any other magic item

Surge Will surge in power based on ambient mana(DM's discretion)

Lifeseeking- will not harm undead

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