1-Hunting knife

This hunting and skinning knife has a spell on it that can detect the presence of game birds such as pheasants and game animals like deer. If foresters or gamekeepers catch a trespasser who has one of these, they are very likely to assume he or she is a poacher and try and arrest them to face the Lord or the Lady's justice.

2-Chef's Knife

This kitchen knife is enchanted so that it will not cut rotten meat or other decomposed stuff, and can be used to keep food poisoning down. On the minus side, because of this it is of no use against all but the freshest zombie or ghoul and is not the weapon to use if 30 ZOMBIE FREAKS! suddenly lurch into the kitchen.

3-Flick Knife

This flick knife has a Sense Law Enforcement spell cast upon it and will vibrate in the presence of both open and secret or undercover members of law enforcement. Certain gangs use these to make it impossible for undercover officers to infiltrate their ranks.

4-Poisoned knife

This blade has bufotoxin on it, and even a small cut will cause a severe and possibly fatal wound, but after two or three uses the poison will be in effect washed off and it will be back to being an average knife.

5-Glow knife

The only spell on this short knife is that it glows green in the dark, but it is still a magic weapon and capable of harming ghosts and other such beings that can only be harmed with magical weapons.

6-Ankle knife

This short but sharp and sturdy knife can be strapped to your ankle to assist in smuggling it through places with strict laws banning knives.

7-Throwing knife

This knife has an enchantment upon it to make it far more likely to hit (and do double damage in stats terms) a foe when thrown at said foe. Of course if not killed the target could throw it back at it's owner.

8-Fear knife

This dagger of black-painted iron is a weaker version of The Sword of Fear. The fear it projects towards humans and animals is less but you can get more uses out of it before it's magic starts to affect you too.

9-Wooden knife

This knife is made not of metal but of very hard wood of the Steelwood tree. Whilst it's jagged edge is not very sharp, and it can't pierce armour, it can get through a metal detector and a hard stab with it can go right through flesh and clothing. And if you have murdered someone with it and need to get rid of it in a hurry, you can burn it to ashes in a fire.

10-Enchanted ice knife

This knife is made of water with a spell of Cold placed on it to form a sharp ice blade, which will start melting as soon as it touches flesh and is best used as an assassination tool to kill with one strong stab. It needs a warm glove on the hand to prevent damage to the hand of the owner of the knife. Within minutes after being used it will melt away leaving no traces.

11-Surgeon's knife

This knife has a spell on it that prevents the infection of cuts made by it, since infection of the patient is such a danger when preforming surgery.

12-Compass knife

This bronze knife (an iron one might mess the compass up) has a compass in the hilt so the owner always knows which direction is north.

13-Invisible knife

This knife has an invisibility spell cast on it so it can be carried where weapons are banned, but that means it is easy to lose this if you forget where you put it and even to cut yourself looking for it. It is a very good knife for committing assassinations,

14-Pen knife

On the surface this looks like a pen and it is possible to write with it, but only the top inch is a pen, the rest of it is a scabbard for a concealed knife designed to be smuggled anywhere except through an X ray machine. Although short the blade is perfectly capable of killing someone if it hits the right part of the body. The sort of thing that James Bond might have.

15-Flint knife

The sort of thing that one would find in an ancient barrow, this short sharp knife of flint with a leather handle cuts well but a blow with a metal weapon will shatter it into fragments.

16-Dreaded dagger

The dreaded dagger was once used or is indeed still used either near exclusively for crime, causing many countries to outright ban it (real life example-the flick knife) or was once used by a group that is totally associated with evil (real life example, the SA and SS daggers of the Nazis.) It may as a result be an arrestable offence for the PCs to possess one of these by whatever passes for law enforcement in your world; even if that is not the case, people will certainly look sourly or worse on those who bear these dreaded daggers.

17-Knife of the Dead

A culture buries the dead with short sharp bone-hilted daggers for their souls to cut their way out of their coffins and rise to heaven, as well as providing a means of suicide for anyone who is buried alive. If the PCs are found with one or more of them , they will be assumed to be grave robbers. Also, if some powerful necromancer raises the dead and sends them against the PCs, the dead will be armed making them a bit more dangerous.

18-Jedi knife

A smaller version of the famous Jedi sword, it has the same advantages and disadvantages but a shorter blade.

19-Prison shank

A toothbrush that has had part of it melted down with a lighter and two sharp razor blades inserted, this can give nasty cuts that take a long time to heal. By leaving the blades in excrement or a bulb of garlic, the wounds it gives will quickly get infected. Prisoners have been making DIY weapons since the first prisons were constructed and used to hold them.

20-Fighting Bowie

This Bowie knife is very well made and has a minor combat enhancement on it (a +1 in stats terms.) A good strong blow with it can deeply cut a limb or rip open an abdomen.

21-Dream knife

This knife is enchanted so that your dream self has a dream-copy of it, where it can come in handy in fighting off your nightmares.

22-Orc knife

The traditional knife of the orcs, and serrated and curved like a karambit, this works well both as a fighting knife and a general purpose knife as well.

23-Flying knife

A mage who knows the right spell for it can make this knife fly and someone and try and stab them as if it were a living and very malevolent and fierce creature. And to stop it attacking it must be grabbed (which makes it struggle and be hard to keep a hold on) and broken in two which is hard to do or locked out if the fight takes place in a building as it cannot turn handles or keys. If it is jammed into something it will soon pull itself free and go back to the attack.

24-Silver Bowie knife

In stats terms, this bowie knife with a blade of silver gives a bonus in combat against were creatures, but the blade needs frequent resharpening to keep on cutting things and foes.

25-Fire knife

This knife is made of a metal that rapidly heats up in sunlight although not to the point of melting or exploding and it cooks the wounds which it gives. It is useful for cauterizing wounds to prevent infection, in combat, and for torturing people to gain information or for revenge or the hell of it. Water cools it down and the scabbard has water in it. In moonlight or on an overcast day it is just an average knife.

26-Draining knife

A wound from this, even a slight one, will drain the wounded one's strength rapidly until the wounded one has eaten, drank and had one good sleep or failing that until the wounded one dies.

27-Bravery knife

This large roundel dagger has a spell on it to increase the bravery of those who use it to fight with. If the user is already brave there is a danger that the spell will turn his or her into a fearless berserker.


This is a long stabbing knife with no real edge, clearly designed for murdering people and some areas, not surprisingly, ban these knives because of their evil reputation.

29-One shot knife

This army commando fighting knife conceals a one shot pistol in the hilt that is deadly at short range, although it's effective range is only ten feet and reloading is a slow process that is impossible when engaged in hand to hand combat. It has a safety catch in the hilt to stop the pistol from being fired accidently.

30-Anti combat knife

In a country with strict laws where weapons like swords are banned, knives are legal as there are many peaceful uses for them-whittling, food preparation, eating with, bursting blisters ect, but all legally sold knives have a spell cast on them that makes them hard to fight with (in stats terms, a -3 on a skill roll.)

31-Blood Play knife

Meant for people who like cutting each other during sex, the wounds heal after an hour leaving no traces, not even scars, behind. Criminals use these to torture their victims, knowing within an hour the wounds will heal and leave no signs of physical torture on the victim making convictions hard to get in court. Murderers will kill someone with one of these and if the dead body is not found within an hour it will have no knife wounds on it and seem to have died of natural causes.

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