Ordinary/ ordinary looking items that can be worn or carried in plain sight


One of the most common items to be find in anyone's pocket, coins can be held between the fingers to make an on-the-spot knuckleduster, which can pack a surprisingly good punch, and if need be they can then be got rid of just by buying something in an ordinary shop.


Anyone who either owns or rents a house will be carrying keys on their person, and these can be held between the fingers to make a sharp pointed weapon that can blind if it hits directly in an eye with enough force.


There are some key-rings that are made into de facto knuckledusters that are legal even in places where knuckledusters are illegal. They look like human or animal faces-with holes for the eyes big enough to fit fingers through, and if they have keys attached there is a legal reason for possessing them.


Normally worn by girls and women, some bangles can be pulled off and held in the fist as de facto knuckledusters, yet they are legal to possess and wear in plain sight.


These are rarely if ever illegal to possess and can be thrown on the ground behind you to make people who are chasing you slip up and fall over if they are not careful. If there are multiple people chasing you and one slips over on the marbles the others are likely to then fall over that person, giving you time to get further away.


In hot weather, a fan is both legal and very useful, but some fans only look like they are made of paper. In fact they are made of metal with sharp spines in the top of the fan that can be driven into someone.

7-Sap Gloves

Gloves are legal and in cold weather are useful and are unlikely to be given a second glance, but these gloves have smooth small pieces of metal inside them and the blows that come from these gloves are very hard as a result.

8-Glass Bottle

Just a normal bottle for water, beer of some other such drink, when broken against a wall this can become a dangerous and potentially deadly weapon, as anyone who has been glassed in a pub and survived could testify. In real life, some venues including sports stadiums often ban these bottles outright because of their potential for mayhem.

9-Beer Bottle Grenade

It looks like a bottle of beer, but is a Molotov cocktail in disguise. To use, insert a small piece of cloth into it, light the cloth with a lighter, and throw it at your foe. Unless examined carefully it will just look like a glass bottle of beer. Be careful not to forget about it and drink from it by mistake!

10-Sword Cane

On the surface, it just looks like a cane. In formal settings or if the person carrying it is old, or disguised to look old, no one would give it a second glance. Even in less formal settings, in many places it is perfectly legal to carry a cane. This one however has a concealed sword blade inside, perfect for thrusting although not so much for cutting.

11-Spiked Boots

These boots have concealed blades hidden inside them, that spring out, cutting the leather open, when the heels are clicked together to deliver a very nasty kick indeed. To re-conceal the blades one needs time and good cobbling skills.

12-Nail Scissors

Normal small scissors, these can be used to stab someone in the eye, at least in theory, which is why in real life customs people routinely confiscate them at airports, much to the annoyance of perfectly law abiding travelers everywhere.

13-Exploding Mints

When licked or held in the mouth for more then ten seconds, these explode. You can either lick them quickly and throw them at your foe, or to do much more damage give this to someone you want to assassinate or really badly hurt, and even if the person is not killed outright, the person's lower jaw will be blown right off by the explosion.

14-Exploding Cigar

Whilst normally meant as jokes , with the right type of explosive these can be made deadly at short range. They can either be lit and thrown at the enemy, or given to the enemy as a gift. Five seconds after being lit, they explode.

15-Fishing Net Spear

By the beach, these look perfectly normal and unless fishing of any kind is strictly banned, are perfectly legal, but they have a thin blade hidden inside and can be used as a short spear. The blade is no good for cutting with, but is very good for stabbing with.

16-Baseball Bat and ball

In places where baseball is a popular national sport, these bats are common, legal to own and in some cases, legal to carry in public, especially if a ball and other baseball related things are carried at the same time. A gang could be an open baseball team that plays baseball publicly and often-and secretly uses it's baseball bats for crime. In countries where baseball is not a national sport, these can be legally restricted or outright banned, but if baseball is popular and a national sport in the country, banning baseball bats outright could lose politicians a lot of votes.

17-Pen Knife

On the surface, a pen, and one that works to write with, but there is a short and sharp blade concealed inside it.

18-Deck of Cards

These look like a normal deck of cards, and can be played with as such if one is careful, but they are made of very thin metal with very sharp edges, and can be thrown like ninja stars. Whilst unlikely to kill the target, they are good for emergency short term distraction weapons.

19-Chain Belt

Worn around the waist with a small padlock on it, this can be used to keep your trousers up and to lock up your bicycle or your motorbike to stop it from being stolen, but when held tightly and swung around it makes a very good impact weapon capable of doing serious damage to people and things.

20-Water Pistol

It looks like a water gun brought from a toy shop and might indeed be just that, but it is filled with bleach or even sulfuric acid, capable of burning unprotected skin and cause blindness with a hit in the eyes.

21-Calculator Bomb

It looks like a calculator and works like one too, but when one of the buttons is pushed and it is thrown or left somewhere, it explodes. The blast is small, but can still do nasty damage. It can also be used as a booby trap for a foe and might not be triggered for a while, by which time the person who set the tap has a good chance to get away from law enforcement.

22-Oddjob Hat

On the surface a bowler hat, the brim is made of metal and if thrown it can break someone's neck or knock them out if it hits in the right place. As it is heavy, it is uncomfortable for most people to wear for long periods. Short of putting it through an X-ray machine or cutting the brim, it will pass perfectly in plain sight.

23- Taser Phone

A working mobile phone, it has a hidden extra button that when pressed activates the hidden 100,000 volt taser hidden inside it. A shocking weapon to use.

24-Radio Controlled Car-Bomb

It looks like and is a remote controlled car-but it has a concealed car bomb and can be driven up to someone or something and exploded. If it is driven up to a petrol pump, a large container of flammable gas, or a large number of small containers of flammable gas, then exploding it can cause a chain reaction and a much larger more deadly explosion then would otherwise be the case.

25-'Toy' Machine Gun

Many. perhaps most countries, allow toy machine guns for children to play with. To stop them being mistaken for real machine guns, they are made of plastic, are painted bright colors, and often have an orange thing stuck on the end of the barrel. This looks like a toy, but inside the plastic shell a real machine gun is concealed ready to deal out death and destruction with very real bullets.

26-Breifcase Blades

This briefcase has a couple of hidden katanas with long sharp blades and flat handles concealed in the sides of it, ready to be drawn and used in combat.

Enchanted ordinary looking items that can be worn or carried in plain sight

27-Silver Snake Bracelet

This can be worn and given as a gift to the target, when a magical code word turns the bracelet into a silver snake with a very poisonous bite. It can be also placed on the ground. When activated it will crawl towards and bite the nearest living person or animal nearby, although it has no effect on the undead and can easily end up attacking the owner in such circumstances, as he or she is the nearest living thing to bite.

28-Enchanted Tie

With the right magic words, this can be used to tie someone's hands or feet, to strangle them as a self tightening garrote, or as a gag, where it tightens when the person tries to speak and loosens when the gagged person is silent (useful as a loose gag won't muffle speech well whilst a tight gag is uncomfortable and dangerous to wear for long-this enchanted gag is only tight when it really needs to be to stifle sound. As bonds, it is loose unless it detects an attempt to get free, and loosens again when the struggling stops.

29-Silver Sword Amulet

When a magical code word is spoken, it turns into a full size longsword of silver, and another code word turns it back into an amulet just an inch long that can be worn around the neck. Being pure silver, the blade is hard to sharpen and quite soft, but with a surprise attack this does not really matter, and the blade is always sharp at first because of the magic.

30- Purse of the Dai Kri

A popular concealed weapon amongst women, this ordinary looking red silk purse hits with the force of a wagon, and the Orcish princess Helen of Grond often carries this around with her in case there are any assassination attempts on her life.

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