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April 11, 2013, 1:38 pm

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30 Acids


  Appraise our 30 accessories, all with the acidic attribute; from the acrid in odor to the amoral in application, all your ailments we aim to accommodate.

1. Stomach Acid of a Purple Worm

"It'll eat through anything... Except this vial, of course."  

 A potent acid, it truly can eat through anything. It is quite rare to actually find the 'real deal' without extensive searching. Most of the time you're just buying lemon juice and slug slime. Beware of anyone trying to sell you this acid in a glass vial, it is a well kept trade-secret that this acid is only available in small pinkish sacs made from the stomach of, you guessed it, a Purple Worm.

2. Firebug Salve

"Just a spark will do it. Light 'em up real good."

  A common acid-substitute. Crushed Fire Beetle shells with a little lamp oil makes an oil-like mixture that will dissolve almost whatever you put it on, when a spark is applied. This one functions similar to modern-day Napalm. Once ignited, it will erupt in brilliant yellow flames and eat through whatever it is touching. It is a BAD IDEA to coat metal weapons with this mixture, but it has been known to happen.

3. Scry-drops

"Watch out for that Pervert Puddle, M'Lady. See the eye in the middle? I wish we could catch the creep who put that there."

  A dangerous chemical usually strictly restricted in civilized areas. A dab of this stuff can liquify a body part without hampering its non-physical functions. It is very complicated, I assure you. The most common application is to take a drop to your eye. Your eye will then liquify and slide out of its socket, from there you may place it wherever you like and still be able to see from it.

4. Black Nectar

"Does it taste good? You bet it does. At least, that is what the cultists say on their deathbeds, anyway."

A mixture traditionally brewed by hag witch cults (with a secret recipe), this black goop is said to taste better than anything imaginable. This acid, however, kills whoever drinks it. Within several seconds after swallowing, the drinker will turn into a puddle of brackish black goop, albeit painlessly. This acid must be drunk for it to take effect, but it can be dissolved into water or alcohol.

5. The Green Bouncer


Green Bouncer is a rubber-like orb of semi-solid, goo-like acidic material. There is a metal pin, studded at the ends, stuck through the middle so that you can hold it. Once released or thrown, it bounces like a super ball that leaves behind nasty burn wounds. They are typically the size of a large walnut, but some the size of apples have been seen in use. This terrible little item is really just a toy for the evil villain with an mind for chaos.

6. Crimson

"Sheath the blades, Men. This one's on Crimson."

Crimson is a dangerous drug often used among savage folk before entering a melee. Pupils dilate and eyes turn extremely bloodshot, while veins darken and the mind races. I create a euphoric high and severely paranoid mania when ingested. It is made from the crushed leaves of a Puccha Puccha Plant which can grow in nearly any climate. The real problem with this easily accessible drug in that is literlly burns your veins, tainting your blood with acidic properties and an alkaline smell. An overdose will literally destroy your veins, but a few leaves is just enough that when your blood touches another's flesh it will cause horrific burns in the shape of the blood spray.


"See that crevice, there? They say it runs so deep as to reach The Hells and Beyond. That's where Vercius Krane spilled THE ALKHEST and dropped the Perfect Sphere, never to be used again."

  There is an ancient tale that tells of two secret weapons. THE ALKHEST and the Perfect Sphere. THE ALKHEST is an acid so virulent and potent that it will never stop burning, there is a narrow crevice with no end in sight said to be where it was spilled. The Perfect Sphere is a prison without angles, said to trap a Tinadlos Hound, that could be unleashed upon a mage's rivals. The ancient tale tells of the Alchemist, Vercius Krane, who discovered THE ALKHEST's forumula just in time to fling it upon the Tinadlos Hound of a rival who sought his seat of power. The Hound was banished back to its perfectly angle-less prison, but not after is managed to destroy its once master. It is said that Vercius dropped the sphere into the shaft created by his acid, never to be seen again.

8. Whore's Milk

"Beware that bitter tit, burns your tongue and soul alike."

  To understand Whore's Milk, you must first understand a bit about the Whoreflower. A nasty ragged, stinking, gray plant with some semblance of an emaciated and wilting giant tulip; it is said that not even the worst of whores would accept one as a gift or mistake it for a offering of love. When the flower's pollen accumulates enough and sees enough rainy weather, it flows freely to the ground in yellow rivulets and puddles to spread its seed. This "Whore's Milk" is a weak acid with a slightly poisonous demeanor. It will give you a buzz, but causes serious damage in the long run, as with most alcohols.

9. Forger's Ink

"This is flawless! That's a little bottle of gold you have there!"

Additional Ideas (1)

Chaugghra Spittle

"No, do not avoid its wrath, Greckle. Let it spit right in your face, if possible!"

The Chaugghra is a wooly llama-like creature the tribes of the Hlu use to transport salt across large tracts of the vast, inhospitable and perilous Bony Wastes. The creatures peculiar diet of bizarre grasses and unknown minerals allows its saliva to take on acidic qualities. Like the llama, the Chaugghra often works up large globs of saliva and exhumes them at leisure, or often in anger, for it is a querulous creature with a low threshold for nonsense when it comes to its two-legged handlers and their ways. The Hlu however welcome a spit-attack by these beasts of burden. If touched to flesh, the "acid" acts as an ultimate "cleanser". If rubbed on the face, the saliva will exfoliate the skin and pores like no other substance known to man. It will also act as an insect repellant for many hours. A weird secondary aspect of the spit however, is that it acts as a true acid if applied to plant matter and quite potent. Let the sages of Klibosk debate the whys and hows, the Hlu say. The salt traders are merely thrilled with their creature's spittle.


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April 16, 2011, 12:19

Holy cow, Scry-Drops!! Love the opening lines to each entry.

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