The spaceborne campaign By: manfred

A collection of plot hooks for a game on the road, or more precisely, on the route.

by manfred
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Ancient Gamer
The Prophecies of Hope By: Ancient Gamer

When the world is changing and madness descends, can a group of stalwart villagers save a bastard newborn from the clutches of an unknown enemy?

This campaign follows the group on their desperate flight from hostile forces, both covert and overt. This Campaign centre around their perilous journey through the highlands, the lowlands and within the cities of men. Will they survive long enough to reach the relative safety of the sacred Ulukhan? And how will they react to the hidden truths and internal strife they encounter on their journey?

This is a fully fledged campaign. One that will span many, many table top sessions.

by Ancient Gamer
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