Kid Cannibal's Random Submissions - ( 2 )

Kid Cannibal
Is Anybody Out There? By: Kid Cannibal

'Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.' -- Arthur C. Clark

by Kid Cannibal
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Kid Cannibal
Griven Smartstaff, Scholar of Small Proportions By: Kid Cannibal

The gnome hefts the giant tome situated on his back and then pushes his round spectacles up his protruding nose. He rubs the tip of his nose, knowing that he should really stop studying with his face so close to the books. The skin would sometimes rub off the tip during long hours of recording and study. Specks were moving on down the road, and he produces a spyglass from a loop on his hip. Through the lens, he spots a group of adventurers. He grins from ear-to-ear and gives a hoot, almost losing his balance due to the weight of the book on his back.

'These fellows look like they have purpose! It's time to find out what they're up to!'

by Kid Cannibal
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