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September 5, 2007, 1:27 am

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"No this is not a mispelling", the marketing suit continued, "it is a new way to express yourself, express your interests, and get your personal message…. or your corporate one across."  He surveyed the room. "It is a new consumer item combining things people need with what they want."

Imagine a jacket that plays your favorite music video on its back?

Imagine sunglasses that act as a heads up display showing useful material from your personal computer (worn on your belt about the size of an Ipod nano) or just your favorite videos.

Imagine a dress that can change to any color you want, or show a gentle animation.

Fringe, which is very popular in 202x, of fiber opic lines that allow you a variety of color effects.

A computer, with air keyboard and screen build into your shirt.

These are cyberwear

Full Item Description
Cyberwear is clothing with technical augmentations associated with it. The various pieces that made Cyberwear possible have been around for decades. It is only when they are assembeled together that they become Cyberwear.

The parts?
A garment of some kind. The most popular things are jackets and scarves, but anything can be done.

A small personal computation unit with a memory stick for downloads and programming. These are often connected to other components with microfibers, but sometimes a wireless codec is used OR induction via the body of the individual wearing the item connects the various components.

A power source, usually a power cell or battery, but several garments use solar cells to trickle power a power source.

Wafer Speakers: A small plastic tab with embedded materials that provides rich sound.

Screen Cloth: These flat point LEDs produce an adequite video image that is completely flexible.

Fiberopic lines with either sockets or individual controllers.

Earbuds and microphones.

Space Sensors: These generate a small low level magnetic field. As something is moved through the field the motion is recorded and can be used to trigger macros. This is most commonly used for "air keyboards".

Various sensor componets that measure sound, light/ heat levels, moisture, radio signals, biologic compounds, or even motion.

This is a stub that will eventually be fleshed out into a submission

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January 24, 2008, 18:42
Eventually there will be a scroll of this...

The Burton Bluetooth Jacket : Wearable Tech by Burton and Motorola
When the 2005-06 snow-ready fashion hits the shelves, I predict the first product to fly off them will be Burton's latest wearable tech, a $499 Bluetooth-enabled snowboard jacket they developed with Motorola.

The coat, a techier version of Burton's 2004 iPod jacket, comes complete with a control panel at the wrist (green button to answer, red to hang up), caller ID and headphones in the hood. Drop your iPod into a wired top pocket, your cell into a Bluetooth pocket and control both from your sleeve.

Wanna rock out while chatting with your cross-country bros on the chairlift or keep your digits toasty in their mittens while scrolling through your Black-Runs-Only playlist? Done.

Use the control panel on the left sleeve to take or make calls and switch songs on your iPod without removing them from your pockets. There's even a mini caller ID screen. A removable control panel, detachable hood speakers and microphone complete this super tech getup and make it easy to clean your jacket.
Barbarian Horde
January 24, 2008, 18:43

I want this. I need this.

I think a fun way to flesh this out further would be with different product lines. These could be variations with greater or lesser capabilities, or products by different manufacturers. The Apple iCoat versus the Dell Flexibox versus the open source model (running Ubun-wear, of course).
January 24, 2008, 18:58

I want this. I need this.

Most of the pieces are already in place. We just need someone clever to put it all together, and make the components play nice. Of course, there is the inevitable societal response, such as worrying about someone surfing for pr0n while driving.

One fun way to flesh this out further could be with various models. These could be different designs by the same manufacturer with different options & greater or lesser capabilities, or different models by multiple manufacturers. Thus we could have the Apple iCoat versus the Dell Flexiwear versus the HP JB-3100 versus the Sony WearStation versus the open-source version created by Google that runs Clothesbuntu as its OS.

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