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January 14, 2006, 10:56 am

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Wyatt Oni


A strong fighter, but an exellent assassin. He is the son of the Bandit Lord, and is the rightful heir to his title.

Special Equipment:



Wyatt stands at 5’9. He has a small build, and is fast. He has black eyes, like coal, and a dark bandanna on his head. He wears a blue vest over a white shirt at is tucked into his brown pants. He has black boots on his feet which are made of hard leather. He carries with him a raiper, his favorite weapon.


Wyatt Oni was the firt born to Lord Daijibu Oni, and Christina Oni. He was well educated in all matters until age 11. His father went bankrupt after being exposed as a contributing member in a scandel. His mother left them soon after, and they punged into poverty. Wyatt and his father would go out at night and rob their neighbors. He hated what his father was becoming, and how he abused his 9 year old sister out of drunken ignorance. Vittoria was to small to defend herself, and Wyatt took many beatings to protect her. One day, at age 13, Wyatt was forced to leave the house with his father, leaving Vittoria alone at age 11. They moved to another continent, called Bladendor. They stayed in No-Avel, the westernmost country. There Wyatt and his father became famous thieves and gained followers. Within years Daijibu had built himself a small army of theives, cut throats, and bandits. He was known to the officials as The Bandit Lord for his folloers, and he has kept the name ever since. Wyatt, although he had much to d with his father’s success, stayed shadowed by his presence. He has since gone back to Quartra in hopes of makinga name for himself. He has a carefree, cocky, wiseguy personality, and thinks of himself as a ladies man. He also hopes to find Vittoria, though he secretly believes her to be dead.

Roleplaying Notes:

Pc’s are in a tavern and see Wyatt steal from a noble, the Pc’s, if they choose, can chase Wyatt and get the money back from him. They can do this by following him to his hideout and fghting him, along with two other bandits, kill him, and get the things back.

If the pc’s have finished the mission for Dante they will recieve this quest. They are walking on the road when a bandit approaches them. He is a messenger of Wyatt and asks them to go to his base in No-Avel. If the Pc’s do go, Wyatt will ask them where Vittoria was going, and that he would pay alot for her location. Pc’s, if they tell him, will get 100 gold fr the favor, but if the refuse(they dont know of his history with herand he is the Bandit Prince)Wyatt will attac them, and the Pc’s will almost always be robbed and windled afterwords.

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Comments ( 3 )
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March 6, 2005, 3:55
An assassin. I'd have thought that getting beaten and seeing his sister violated would lead to a different attitude than 'carefree and cocky'...
There should be more drama - it does not make for a good story if he just takes the beating, and stays in the shadow.

The selflessness he shows when taking beatings for his sister could lead him down a wholly different road than that of assassination... consider it.

Lots of holes, little of interest.
Dragoon God
March 6, 2005, 5:04
Thanks for the critisism, I'm going to work on this a bit more, he'll be better.
Voted valadaar
May 31, 2013, 9:01
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