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December 16, 2005, 9:51 am

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Thief of the Queen


The queen hired a theif to steal the information for the bodering country she’s at war with, but the thief is having some trouble…

The queen hired the thief who has been stealing from her treasures for years.  Now, offering the sum of dreams, the theif’s ordered to spy on the queen of the country they are war with.

However, this queen has eyes everywhere too.  So, as the theif is sent over the sea to begin spying, the other queen is awaiting him.

But, the queen has no idea which of the men who came on that ship is the real spy.  She has to root through them, but the thief isn’t going to let that happen.

You play as the thief and you have to find the full reports of her army plans, when they attack, and how and then make it home safely.
Part I of II

Some of the spelling corrected by MoonHunter

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Comments ( 8 )
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December 11, 2004, 14:53
"Doctor, doctor, we've found some bones over here!"

"Looks like the bones of a Plot, but there isnt much to go on. Some of these dont do too well when not given enough time or detail."

"Can it be repaired, or fixed?"

"Of course, but it will take some time and some elbow grease, as well as possibly some lucibration, the midnight oil, you know."

"What can we do?"

"Well, lets start at the begining, this seems very much like an uncommon lone spy mission, but thats not very good for a PC party, so the Queen could instead of hiring an untrustwortrhy thief could instead use a band of proven, if not yet famous adventurers instead, allowing them to use a variety of their own skills instead of skulking in the shadows and hiding and stealing things."

"But what about the other thieves who are opposing the heros?"

"Back in olden times, like now, there was an equivalent to a Intelligence service, these Queens men would be the antagonists. Have you ever read any of the Tom Clancy novels? Its not 100% cloak and dagger, there are other elements that can be used to flesh out this plot."

"Like a traitor in the Queens men, or a rogue agent with a prismatic spear?"

"Maybe not that much Tom Clancy, but you get the idea."

Barbarian Horde
December 11, 2004, 14:57
Falcon Staff:
Go to the articles and essays section of the forum and read some of the articles by the user MoonHunter. He will have some great tips to get you started.
December 11, 2004, 15:07
There are many things in the articles section that you may find helpful, but you might be better served by reading some of the better rated plots here. That will give you a better idea of what we are looking for in a post.

So cut and paste this link...

Re: Scrasamax you get a gold star for that post.
December 11, 2004, 18:46
Sometimes, Scras, you make me jealous.

FS (Is it okay if I call you FS?), the thing about this plot is that it seems very empty. Not really much to do- I could see an interesting Bourne-Identity-ish chase scene, and some interesting thief fights, but there is little in the way of actual plot.
Why would the first queen hire a thief who had been stealing from her? Why is he sent as a lone spy, and why not a whole crew of spies? Why does the second queen have a better spy network?
December 11, 2004, 20:48
I've got a gold star!
Cheka Man
December 11, 2004, 21:13
This is like a skeliton-or an egg. 2/5 because it could be made into something good.
Voted valadaar
April 5, 2013, 14:49
The comments really are what is interesting here. Gold star indeed.
Voted axlerowes
April 6, 2013, 10:23
This is an okay idea, better haps better employed as an idea seed or stub.


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