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November 15, 2006, 11:58 pm

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The children of the six elemaentals


The six children of light are the only forces that are capable of beating the forces of darkness. Six children through out our land have benn chossen by the God Of Light, the Goddess of Hope and the Goddess of Destiny. But with the second land slowly turning into another Abyss all is soon to be finished.

Full Description
The children of each elemental. Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Spirit and Light.

Additional Information
These children are already in our world all there is to do is just find them. But, however, Iam very sure the forces of darkness are already on their move. If the children are to be found, the second land may finally be restored. Legend tells that the children of the elementals will have the power to defeat the forces of darkness for all time and finally banish them to the Abyss where they belong. But only with the help of their own powers and the weapons of the God and Goddess will they be able to defeat them. Also a legend says that if the children are to die then their souls would be pasted onto the Abyss, where their souls would be transformed into the children of darkness. But with the children not in the second plane the land of light is slowly fading into the darkness which will soon enough become another part if the Abyss.

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Comments ( 1 )
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March 2, 2007, 13:38
This looks like an idea you just dashed out as not to forget. To make it a useful submission, you need to add some structure so people can use it. While this is physically about the children, being the lifeforms submission, you still need to give us some back story.

State the myth first. Round it out with a begining, middle, and end prediction.

Tell us briefly about the world: Why are their demons? What is the second land? why is the world screwed? What force is making the kids? These will allow people to add the children to their campaign. After all, you can't just randomly dump them into any world, they need backstory and a reason for existance.

Now tell us about the children of the elements: Where do they come from. What do they look like? Are they different from normal children (and in what way?) What they are like and what abilities they have? and since you mentioned them, what are these weapons like and why can these children alone wield them?

Remember that in most cases the PCs are not going to be the elemental children, but those guys who are seeking the Golden Children who will save the world.

That is everything I can think of to make this a great submission.

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