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April 1, 2006, 8:50 pm

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The Unicorn Bell


The unicorns are missing from the land of ‘Magical Airs’. Are they lost? Strayed, or stolen?

The Unicorn Bell


Of all the magical creatures that inhabit MagicalAirs there is one group missing, the lovely unicorns that used to appear in the garden and drink from the fountain on the village green.

As the legend would have it, the unicorns are linked to a silver bell that silently tolls them home to their hidden grove deep in the forest through a magical resonance with their horns.  It is there, they raise their foals and restore themselves, so that they can continue their traditional work of guarding the health of the land.
To see a unicorn is to be ever blessed with wonder but none have been seen in a very long time..

The borders of MagicalAirs are very fluid and touch upon realms fantastic and mundane..are the unicorns lost, strayed or stolen from the land..???

A small party of adventurers might wish to gather and go west of the village to a small shrine at the entrance to the Unicorn Wood, the altar within the shrine has a mysterious sigil engraved upon it and there if fortune favors the quest, they will be given some message from the spirit of the shrine that will lead them onward to the solving of the mystery.

The party is assembled, they go through the Unicorn Wood, seeing that the absence of the unicorns has has a bad effect on the plant and animal life. Diseased and malformed plants and animals attack them. Finally they arrive at the Shrine. The Spirit of the Shrine tells them, the bell had been stolen by a powerful wizard, who used it to call the unicorns to his hidden realm,where he imprisoned them so that he could pervert their magical essence and forward his nefarious and evil plans. THe Spirit vanishes after telling the tale, but leaves an amulet for the party to direct them by it’s glowing, stronger, when they were headed in the right direction toward the hidden wizard’s realm.

The wizard is alerted to their quest and sends out various lesser henchmen, demons,imps and obstacles to hinder them if not kill them outright as they follow the glow of the amulet ever westward through increasingly hostile lands to the edge of a sea. Offshore in the dank mist they see a small island with a broken topped tower. THe amulet is blindingly bright. No boat is available so they must rig something to get them to the island.

Once there, the tower at first seems to be abandoned but a chance step sends them plummeting to an underground labyrinth. Perils at every turn test them but finally they come to a huge cavern,they find the unicorns confined by magical chains and speak to the herd stallion who tells them they must defeat the wizard to release them. Then the bell can be returned to the Unicorn Wood and they will be restored and able to heal the land.

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Comments ( 3 )
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March 4, 2004, 9:09
Not enough details. It's more of an idea than a plot. Where do we go after that? What really happened to the Unicorns? Et cetera, et cetera.

March 4, 2004, 11:52
Thank you for the commentary..added some additional ideas. Kind of a simple thing but I know, but there is plenty of room for embellishment.
Voted valadaar
April 30, 2013, 22:43
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