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January 16, 2012, 8:18 pm

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The Tale of Koboldi


Downsit, you, you and you! Story tell of Koboldi rise to Island King!

Past! Days of Big One and Tree-Thing! Time long go! Koboldi not special. Koboldi humble and kind. Big One mighty dragon, black, strong. Tree-Thing stupid, shoot bow at things.

Heal Tree-Thing many time. He hurt easy. Big One hurt not much. Koboldi travel far. Bow storm cause great hurt in men. Koboldi tired from heal. Heal hard. Big One and Tree-Thing fight. Kill many. Big One kill more than Tree-Thing. Koboldi there when fat kneel on floor and drop sword. People cheer and Koboldi get shiny medal.

People not kick Koboldi after shiny medal!

Big One and Tree-Thing gather great shiny coins with Koboldi. Koboldi get rich. Richer than Tree-Thing. Koboldi find other Kobolds stupid. Hard find Tree-Thing smarter than other Kobolds. But true. Koboldi show Kobolds riches, get attacked. Big One scary, loud cough. Burns Kobolds.

Listen after, Kobolds do. Koboldi makes peace. Man-thing no kill Kobold-things. Kobold-things get on boat, travel new land.


New land sucks. Tree-Thing smell all places. Man-things are ugly. Man-things attack Kobolds. Koboldi heals much. Heal hard. Big One and Tree-Thing help not, busy. Koboldi sad.

Man-things get mean. Attack time sooner. Koboldi make choice. Kobolds attack man-things first!

Poly-Ticks Man get angry. Lead man-things bigger group. Try kill Koboldi. Koboldi survive! Koboldi show Poly-Ticks Man butt often. Big One and Tree-Thing bad, want Poly-Ticks man dead. Tree-Thing still stupid.

Nasty hurts. Big One arm almost gone. Koboldi heal good. Poly-Ticks Man get more Hurt. Koboldi not heal good. Island Koboldi's island now.

Koboldi think plans good. Koboldi likes plans.

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Comments ( 2 )
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January 16, 2012, 20:18
Update: Changing this into a stub- I figure IF any Strolenite were to actually vote, it would be in the dumps!
January 18, 2012, 7:21
I don't think it's bad, really. I just don't quite know what to do with it. For one, my Kobaldi is a little rusty, so interpreting what it all means requires some inferencing. For another, I like to have something to hang my gaming hat on - a plot or some other thing that suggests how I can implement it into a game or storyline.

As is, I think it does better as a stub. But I think it does have potential to be subbified with a little more scaffolding and support.

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