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Wand/Staff/ Arcane
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August 21, 2007, 2:59 am

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Staff of Dragoonias


This staff is equally powerful the the staff of Leviadan.  The differences are that it is an evil craft, those who are not already evil shall be currupted should the staff stay in the possesion of good men to long.  The trait that gave it it’s name is that it gives you "TEMPORARY" controle over the minds of dragons and griffins.

The staff was indeed forged by the black king Vlame to aid him in his hellish crusade.  The shaft in made of black saphire and on it’s tip is a arge red ruby nicknamed "the dragons ire" for it glows bright when controling Dragons and griffins.  To hold the ruby inplace a actuall dragon claws fitted from the shaft the the ruby.

Magical Properties:

This weapon is both magical and cursed because it can controle the will of Dragons and Griffins, (need I say temporary again) as well as be a machanisme of torture.  It’s gruesome abilities are to slowly burn away the most sensitive parts of your body from the inside.  Vlame enjoys burning eternal organ that are not fatal.  The sreams of agony are a syphony to him.  The curses are if a good man of a clar conscience carries it to long, it currupts his heart and makes him evil.  But, it also takes energy to controle the will of Dragons and Griffins.  The energy of the staff is indeed powerful but there is a lack of it wich makes the control temporary.  It takes a full 24 hours to "recharge" in between times, it is as harful as a dry stick.  (Warning, if hit repeditely in this state may cause a slight bruise!!)

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Comments ( 7 )
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November 5, 2003, 1:18
I like this item very much.... Very powerfull, but very very dangerous to use.... Still even good characters might be tempted to use it, even when the consequenses are known...
November 5, 2003, 1:45
How do the dragons and griffions react when the control ends? Just confused beasts that fly off puzzling over why they were leveling a town?

Internal, not "eternal", organs really aren't that sensitive. I mean, really, have you felt your kidneys flexing lately?

When the staff is "harful"??? as a dry stick and hit repeatedly, will it cause a slight bruise on the target, or will the staff get the bruise?

And please, spellcheck. I apologise if you're not a native english speaker, but your post is hard to read.
November 6, 2003, 12:37
Look, my writing skills need no improving though I was in a rush, I apologise myself for my lack of details but I shall do my best to correct my faults.
The staff is harmful as a stick when hit repeatitely on the target. The target will get hurt.

Um, have you ever had your liver burnt to a crisp inside your own living body? I doubt it's pleasant.
November 6, 2003, 12:50
And the dragons and griffins are aware of their controle though they are like puppets and are helpless. They will be veangefull to the one who put controle over them when the controle reaches it's end. But most times, the wielder is running far away before the end of the enchantement.
November 6, 2003, 23:21
"I'm beating you with my powerful magic stick when I could be using to kill you with dragons!"
"I'm not sure!"
November 7, 2003, 2:19
If your writing skills do in fact need no improvement, your time management does. Don't rush to put stuff up, either have the time to contribute, or do it when you do have the time.

No one has had a liver burn up inside their body. No one knows what it feels like. A case of gas is probally worse.
Voted valadaar
April 9, 2013, 12:32
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