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March 29, 2009, 9:24 pm

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Spy's Shotgun


The Spy’s Shotgun might look like a normal hunter’s shotgun, but is far from it, as it has several special bullets that a normal shotgun would not have.

Full Item Description

(The strictly realestic part)

On the surface, the Spy’s Shotgun looks like a Holland and Holland shotgun, with an elegant walnut handle. If in a country where it is legal to possess shotguns, it comes with the necessary firearms certificate and any other needed papers in the alias of the spy or assassin that is using it. Of course, if the spy is in a country where firearms are banned then the papers wont help, but they will do in a more firearm friendly country.

The shotgun has several secret modifications. First it has a specially made double silencer for both barrels. The barrels also have a hidden joint so they can be shortened, converting it to a sawn off and lengthened again.

As well as many normal shotgun cartridges, it also has some special bullets in the bullet belt that comes in it. There are two dum-dum bullets, two poisoned bullets where even a flesh wound can kill within half an hour, and one radio-tracking bullet that can for example track a car if fired into it.

There were plans for bullets tipped with nanobots, which were abandoned as far too expensive, and one rather unpleasant fellow suggested pork-tipped bullets and got a severe verbal warning for race hatred.

(The Fantasy part)

If you are running a strictly *realestic* game read no further, but if you want you can add silver bullets (for secretly fighting the undead) and small bottles of nanobots as described below, to put into people’s drinks. Each type of nanobot it should be noted, is more *fantastic* then the next, so you might use only one type or all of them depending on your type of game.

One of the bottles of nanobots is of the killing kind-they locate the major organs and start to destroy them, so that within several hours the targeted person is dying slowly and painfully.

The second is composed of healing nanobots that can heal wounds but should be poured on them rather then swallowed, as otherwise they makes the throat swell shut.

The third changes Y chromosomes to X chromosomes, and can be used for disguise either for the agent or someone that is being kidnapped, and lasts for several hours.

The fourth makes a person obedient but does not last for long, perhaps a couple of hours at most.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Pieh
March 29, 2009, 18:59
This feels very munchkin to me. A silenced sawed-off shotgun that can fire poison that kills with a scratch. It also is in need of a spell check: Realestic isn't a word, I checked. I think you mean realistic. And a silenced sawed-off shotgun that can fire poison that kills with a scratch isn't very realistic anyway. And I'm afraid the pork-tipped bullets comment is lost on me. The fantasy part is fine. It's fantasy, it can do weird things, but it seems a little much for shotgun fired nanobots. This might make more sense as some sort of sniper rifle.

Sorry, but I don't think this very good.
Cheka Man
March 29, 2009, 21:23
I'll put in in work, but I won't get rid of it totally.

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