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June 10, 2007, 11:22 pm

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Shreed Reckkit


He may be a small green goblin but donât tell him that or he might show you otherwise.

Special Equipment:

He wields 2 shorts swords both of magical decent that when used together the left one gains the element of fire and the right gains the element of ice. Both of the short swords are ego weapons. Which means they are intelligent weapons and can influence the wielder by specking with them. One of the swords is very open with helping those it sees in need and the other could care less. They both constantly fight inside his head but over time he has grow used to it and has learned to ignore it most of the time.


He is a small goblin at 3 foot 5. And he weighs 70 lbs. For a goblin he is dressed very well, he wears the same equipment an adventure would wear but its made to his size. He carries his two swords that work best when used together even though they fight constantly. He wears a Finley made chain mail made of mithral. The chainmail has some magical properties as well. He then has very fine looking boots on, that when he walks it takes a very keen ear to hear his footsteps and when he sneaks its near imposable.

(Enchantments not totally explained would either be explained in more detail in another post of the item.)


This goblin is not to old he is at the age of 17 and has lived most of his life as apart of a nomadic goblin tribe. Thought his lifetime in the tribe he has learned for himself that he was allot more intelligent then any other goblin in the tribe. He thought more into his actions then the others in the tribe did, and he believed that what they were doing was wrong. He thought about his for a longtime every time his tribe decided to attack a passing caravan merchant or otherwise. He asked himself every time they did, ‘why are we attacking them?’ they had all the supplies they needed and they were attacking them on pure pleasure of the kill. He stayed out of most of the fighting the tribe did he only remembered lifting a sword twice and that was to defend himself agenst other goblins in the tribe. After several years of being an outcast in the tribe he decided to leave the tribe.

So at the age of 7 he decided that he was going to go out and find something that would be better for his life. He got away from the tribe very easily, he then eventually came apron a small farming town. He knew that if he was seen he would be killed on the spot, so he stayed out of site and stole only the food he needed to survive. Then after about 3 weeks of staying well hidden, one of the familiesâ kids happened apron him as he was sleeping. He tries not to frighten the child and eventually after several minutes of calming the bow and talking to him he befriends him. The child then begins to go see him daily. Over a course of several months the child learned much from his new friend and wanted to tell his father about him, but when he did the whole village came after him with swords in hand. He did not see it coming; they caught him as he was eating his lunch. He pleaded with them to spare him that he would leave them alone and not come back, but then the child came in and backed him up. The Childs father thought to himself before agreeing that he would spare him and give him somewere to stay if he agreed to help with the farming.

So after that he lived with them for some time every day helping with what he could and as best he could. After time the farmer started training his son in the art of sword fighting. The goblin observed and was surprised at how skilled the boy was. The goblin then approached and asked if he could try. The man knew the goblin well now and did not hesitate to let him try. The goblin felt somewhat off only using the one weapons so he picked up a stick and used that in his other hand. He felt so much better and noticed he fought much better with the other hand helping. So he started training in the twin sword style of sword figting with the boy that day on.

After some years the goblin and the boy became very skilled in there swordplay. The boy was never outmatched by the goblin even with his very extraordinary skill with the two swords. Not much later after that the farmer was very impressed with them both, he thought of the goblin as his son and has for some time. He then decided that they were of age to go and find a name for them wherever they might find it. So he gave them both money and sent them to find a name for themselves, however fate gives it to them.

On there many travels they found all the assorted magical items they carry.

(Will go in more depth with the mithral chain mail and the twin magic short swords soon donât have the time at the moment.)

Roleplaying Notes:

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Comments ( 4 )
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October 27, 2004, 6:31
Well, goblins are not exactly renowned for their fighting prowess, not for owning stuff like mithril shirts or magical blades... why is this one different? I failed to discern the reason in the text. Also, why has he come to the realization that all he's been doing in his life (and all he has known as a gobbo) is wrong?
Again, use a spelling checker, so others may read your posts easier...
Barbarian Horde
October 27, 2004, 11:34
Well you see one thing why the grammar on all my post is bad is because I don't have word on my computer at home. as for the others im editing it inot it now
October 27, 2004, 22:01
Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but I'm not a huge fan of reformed-monster style characters. May players will certainly NOT be playing trolls!
Besides that, there's no drama in it. This character is boring- the father just let him train with his son, who, for some reason, was learning to use a sword, and said goblin, for some reason, fights better with two swords (a skill usually requiring special training so that you don't slice off your own arm). The father then just sent them away. There isn't anything special in it.
Why do they have special items? 'Cuz they went adventuring.
Why'd they go adventuring? Just because they wanted to.

Boring/5, but also 2/5.
Voted valadaar
November 10, 2014, 13:32
Only voted


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