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December 10, 2005, 6:22 pm

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Shellarae Kiirmia


Shellarae was born as a member of the Shining Star gypsy camp and much about her harks back to those days. She uses her feminine wiles to seduce customers, enjoying every second, then steals their money the moment they are asleep.


Shell’ stands at 5ft 3 inches, with long wavy black hair curling to her waist. She has a pair of sparkling, jade-green eyes which look swiftly around the room to detect potential prey. Her ruby red lips pout slightly when she doesn’t get her way, but often part to reveal a dazzling white smile which is frequently shown to her suitors. Her bright red dress has a daring neck-line which barely swoops high enough to be classified as ‘not revealing,’ but definately draws attention to the voluptuous breasts underneath. She stands with her hands on her curvacious hips, deliberately emphasising the slim waist. Beneath the short skirt of her dress, a pair of slender, highly toned legs show, the creamy-ivory skin contrasting with the black sandals on her feet.


The gypsy camp where Shellarae grew up was a mixed camp of elves, humans and half-elves, who believed in pacifism and cooperation between the races. Shellarae grew up as the beloved daughter of the gypsy camp leader. As her mother died when she was very small, she was often left to run around the camp as she wished and told ‘not to disturb her father.’ She fell into the company of the older girls in the camp and ‘matured’ very quickly after that, taking lover after lover.
After tiring of the men in the camp, she wandering out into the world and discovered an easy way of earning money and enjoying herself; flirting with a man, enticing him to a quiet place, having her way with him, then stealing his purse before her wakes up and sneaking off. She mainly wanders from town to town, just out to enjoy herself, but always in search of the ‘perfect lover.’

Roleplaying Notes:

*Character in a tavern that flirts with one of the PCs, trying to trap them.
*Comes to characters as the most recent pouch that she stole from contains some documents relating to some plot.
*Falls in love with one of the characters and trails them, wishing to be closer.

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November 5, 2002, 1:15
I like this, but I am partial to overly hot women. 8) This is like Jessica Rabbit with pointy ears! Romantic involvment is always a great way to trip up a parties best laid plans. The party is planning to sneak up on the ork camp for a raid when one of the players sees the girl he took back to the inn getting dragged into the camp. How does the party deal with a non combatant tag along?

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