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November 19, 2006, 9:35 pm

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Sen was once a creature of purity and good will. He roamed around his village with friends and others alike. Him and his friends usally went to the front doors of the castle of light to see if they were open. One day a stranger had come to the doors of light while Sen was at the front doors. “You know Sen if you were to come to the darkness then you would be able to impress that young girl you like Elana. Who are you” Sen turned around and asked. “Come with me creature and i will train you Sen”. From that day Sen was never seen again.

Sen is usually found wearing his dark, evil cloak and always wearing his hood over top. Legend says that Sen has the face of still a mere child, creature. But only his old friends and the love of his life have ever seen it.

Sen once lived in a small village just outside the castle of light. Everyday him and his friends would travel there to if the doors would open. Everyday they tried and tried to get in but they never could. One day Sen meet what looked like to him the most beautiful girl who he had ever seen. He fell in love with this girl, but he knew he could never have her because he was half- human and half- creature. It was forbidden for creatures and humans to ever mate. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t talk to her or look at her. But one day when Sen travelled to the castle doors a man was there and he asked Sen if he would come with him to the Darkness. The man promised Sen he would have the young girl Elana only if he joined the army of darkness. After that day Sen was never seen again. Legend tells he trained in the army of darkness and when he had received word that the light was not getting spread along the land evenly so then this was his chance to make conquer of the land. He arose from the crowd of the jealous people and said “I will lead us against the forces of light and we will take the light into our own hands”. The people cheered and they made Sen their leader.  Sen then saw the young girl who was named Elana the love of his life

Special Equipment
Sen has a staff of Darkness and he always carrys it. He wears a black cloak that reaches to the ground and covers him all over. Nobody but Elana and Sen’s friends have ever seen Sen’s face. With a powerful and very dangerous blade of destruction Sen is a force to be recokoned with. His blade is said to only be held by the most powerful dark magaican/warrior in all the land and in this case Sen is at least the magican. His left breast plate also holds one of the most powerfulest gems in the land of light. The Dark Gem of Doom. This dark evil gem is a special item who a evil being named Doom carried. This dark gem destroyed cities, villages, forests, the lakes and waters and the skyes were poisoned and polluted. This Gem was purifried with so much evil that it was sotred away in a breast plate that Sen now wears over his shoulder. 

Roleplaying Notes

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