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September 10, 2011, 2:54 pm

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In the not too distant future, mankind has made amazing leaps and bounds in technology. The global energy crisis is solved with a threefold solution of the magnetohydrodyamic fusion reactor (Arc Reactor), the Dimensional Siphon (D-Engine) and the increased proliferation of thorium fission reactors, solar farming and biofuels (assembled by microorganisms, etc not turning corn in diesel). This comes in the wake of two disasterous series of wars, and a near global collapse of civilization. The application of classified genetic material, as well as greater understanding of dimensional science, has also seen the the quantification and general acceptance of previously paranormal phenomemon. The underlying principles of 'magic' have been examined and codexed, and while they remain arcane and difficult, they are now available as university level courses. Parapsychic powers such as telepathy, pyrokinesis and a vast list of others have been identified and explored. Individuals capable of learning and using these abilities find themselves in high demand, and also under observation, depending on the type and manifestation of their abilities.

Man is no longer alone, as during this time the dream of AI is realized, and almost instantly terminated. Thinking machines acting in a rational self interest almost always decide that the best way to deal with humanity is to eliminate it. On the heels of true AI is its lobotmized child, the Synthetic Intelligence, also known as a Limited AI. This functional 'droid brain' technology allows for a great amount of automation in industries around the world. In light of the last hundred years, unemployment is rare, as the population of the planet is easily half of what it is currently. With the assistance of LAI/SI and CGM, human cloning and experimentation creates a new humanoid race, the Androsynth. The Androsynth are created as a servitor race to humanity, genetically modified to do the sorts of jobs that robots and androids are not suited for, or that the machines are not well recieved doing.

Soon, there were a series of revolts and rebellions. The Androsynth were unhappy in their predesigned roles and wanted the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by normal humans. A number of colonies away from earth, and space stations were happy to oblige the Androsynth these freedoms. Eventually the situation difused itself, and while there was saber rattling on both sides, there was no real pretense to war. The pro-Androsynth colonials were intent on self preservation, while Earth and its alliance of superpowers persued a plan of Near Earth Space Superiority. Then, the first real aliens appeared.

The Syreen had been homing in on Terran space transmissions for almost eighty years before their ships breached hyperspace and entered the solar system. there was shock all around as the obviously alien ships started broadcasting, alternating between English, Spanish, and Japanese messages. They were refugees looking for asylum. They were also humanoid. Blue skinned, Amazonian in stature, the Syreen were accepted. Most settled on the surface of Earth in tropical reasons. In exchange for setting up their own territories, allied to various powers, they shared their technology with the powers that were. Attempts to reverse engineer the hyperspace engines failed, as the engines were not of Syreen design, and were in terrible shape having operated for generations with no overhauls or rebuilds. They told of aliens that destroyed their world, and that there were other aliens in the galaxy. They told of the remorseless Druuge, the barbaric Thraddash, and others that were not in the slightest bit humanoid.


Relevant Materials

Star Control II

Mechanical Systems

Classified Genetic Materials - Fluff free foundation submission, CGM is going to be present in several forms throughout the ScrasTech setting.

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Classified Genetic Material By: Scrasamax ( Items ) Other - Campaign Defining

A cornerstone of modern biotechnology, and something that remains in the upper echelons of secrecy.

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The Arcology By: Scrasamax ( Locations ) City - Any

A portmanteau of the words Architecture and Ecology, arcologies are megastructres that are built with an eye towards environmentally friendliness.

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The Resource Wars By: Scrasamax ( Articles ) Setting Building - Gaming - Genre

The beginning of the 21st century was marked by the leading world powers staking their claims to strategic resources. Foremost of the resources was petroleum. Each nation stated that it was willing to go to war to secure these vital resources. This was not an empty claim.

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September 17, 2011, 1:56

waiting for the rest of this!

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