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November 20, 2005, 10:17 am

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The RainBow is used only by the wood elves. Once a day it shoots one arrow of a designated color.

The RainBow is used only by the wood elves. This weapon is strictly guarded by the wood elves. Long time ago, Ehlonna the goddess forged this bow and gave it to the best protecters of her forest. There is only one bow and is being carried by the captain of the wood elves.
It is a glimmering long-bow switching colors from time to time. The string is made from unicorn tail, and the wood for the bow is being made from the tree of live.

Magical Properties:

Once a day it shoots one arrow of a designated color (at awakening of the user he must designate the color). Each color has it own abilities.

Red - The fury of the forest. After the missile hits, it explodes in a fireball.
Orange - The sunrise. The missile eminates a burst of energy that awakens all natures creatures within range to attack the target and its allies
Yellow - Sun blast. A blast of solar energy which damages all creatures
Green - The arrow of Nature. Upon a succesful hit the target is instantly polymorfed in a tree. The type of tree is determined by its characteristics (eg evil person, would become a wicekd tree)
Blue - Lightning. The arrow transforms underway into a lightning strike and hits the target doing massive damage to the target and up to 4 more targets more.
Indigo - Missile of lifeforce. Undead are immediatly slain upon a succesful hit regardless of type.
Violet - Call for life. The missile emits a burst life energy healing everyone around.

It otherwise shoots every arrow which is nocked at + 1 magical bonus.

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Comments ( 11 )
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May 19, 2003, 17:29
An interesting idea, but I don't play D&D. What do the various colored arrows do ("as per prismatic wall", which I assume is a D&D spell)?
May 19, 2003, 17:29
An interesting idea, but I don't play D&D. What do the various colored arrows do ("as per prismatic wall", which I assume is a D&D spell)?
May 19, 2003, 19:10
Red - Stops non-magical missiles, inflicts 20 points of damage, save for half.
Orange - Stops magical missiles, inflicts 40 points of damage, save for half.
Yellow - Stops posions, gasses and petrification, inflicts 80 points of damage, save for half.
Green - Stops breath weapons, Save vs. posion or die, survivors suffer 20 points of damage.
Blue - Stops location/detection and mental attacks, save vs. petrifaction or turn to stone.
Indigo - Stops magical spells, save vs. wand or go insane.
Violet - Force feild protection, save vs. spell or be sent to another plane.

As per 2nd Ed.

Not really sure how an arrow will stop anything, but the damage effects could still work, although they would be extraordinarily powerful.
May 20, 2003, 5:58
Good idea: an extremely powerful item! It might be better to come up with your own abilities for the different colours though: I'm sure you could invent some more interesting ones than the prismatic wall ones! Perhaps if the artifact was god-given then its abilities would pertain to the god who gave it...
May 20, 2003, 23:30
Plaid - Highland essence. Target must save vs. posion or become inebriated and begin reciting vulgar limiricks.

Bubble Gum - Curse of the Confectioner. Target must save vs. breath weapon or become entangled in a sugary pink web, per spell ( 8 - 10 by 10 cubes ). These strands may be set on fire, but do not break, merely carmalize around the intended rescuee. The target may eat their way out in 1d6+3 turns.

Clear - Unknowable purity. The target must save vs. wand or all of his items become invisible and effected by feather fall for 1d4+1 days. All targets suffer a blast of wind knocking them down and scattering any lightweight items (such as those effected by feather fall).

Pastel Yellow - Spongy non-lethal foam of doom. Target must save vs. petrification or become a light and soft solid statue of pastel yellow foam for 3d6 turns.

Black and white checkered - Stratigc limitations. Target must save vs. polymorph or only move in a manner dicitated by their root class. Warrior class characters must only move either forward or backward three steps and them over one, or over three steps and either forward or backward one. Clerical characters may only move diagonally. Mage charaters may only move forward or backward or side to side. Rouge character may begin by taking two steps forward, after that, they may only move one step forward unless they pass behind all foes, when they may move any way they like. Any NPC's or PC's somehow not falling into one of the above classes falls on thier side.
May 21, 2003, 7:32
November 27, 2003, 16:35
Good show, Agar. Good show.

That will make things much more interesting :)
Voted Zylithan
November 30, 2005, 22:47
A nice post, and obviously its changed over time.

Agar - bravo...

*shakes head* spongy foam of doom...
Voted valadaar
October 24, 2006, 13:55
Not bad - still a little game stats (+1 to each arrow nocked) but not bad.

I like how you changed the stats from the original prismatic spray (though I am finding the whole concept of color-coding magic a little annoying).

The undead destroying function seems a little over-powerful (considering how powerful some undead are ..)

3.5/5 (it needs more background info, backstory would be nice, spellcheck advised)


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