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June 9, 2007, 1:20 am

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Princess Crysta


The less-than-delicate heiress to the land of Sadaren, her battle prowess is as legendary to those people as her lack of education.

Special Equipment:

Silver Rune Blades - These twin short swords are marked with holy runes engraved into the surface and filled with silver. They are particularly effective against undead and aberrations, and are more than capable of striking through magical defenses.


Crysta is not exactly the typical princess. She’s got a few more things to worry about. Before other things, she is a commander, and a soldier, despite her youth. As such, it is more often than not she can be found in her armor. Though it is beautifully cratfed, it is minimalist, consisting of a half breastplate and pauldron set that covers her upper torso, bracers, a belt to support plates that cover her hips, and steel boots, all polished to a silvery sheen, and an undersuit of supple black leather, padded with silk. Her slender, calloused hands often rest on the hilts of her weapons, twin short swords with a slight curve to them. The act of donning her armor helps her remember that she is a soldier, and in it, she will be particularly precise in her motions and in her patterns of sppeech.

If she is caught in the rare moment without her armor, she will generally disdain the frills of court, instead prefering black trousers and a silver shirt cut such that it is held shut by ties run up on the left side of the front.

Even without her armor, however, Crysta is not beautiful in the same sense that so many other princesses are. Her powerful, intelligent presence, however, and supremely assured confidence mean that even though her face lacks delicacy, there is a drawing sort of handsomeness. She is more than used to command, and it shows in every one of her decisions. Still, she is not unwilling to listen to the opinions of others, and has been known to be swayed by lucid arguments, yet she’s quite unwilling to let the situation get out of her hands.

Still, there is a spirit to her, and what has become a wry sense of humor may have allowed her to be quite the prankster, had life been a little different.


The heir-apparent to Sadaren was not always the warrior princess. When she was born, the seers saw nothing but that she would rise to be a skilled leader of men, a good omen for the first child of a Queen and her Consort.

The first decade and year of her life were quite typical of the Princesses of Sadaren. Though there was some luxury to her childhood, she was reared from the first to understand that decisions have consequences, yet that someone needed to make those decisions. She was taught to read, and write, and the numbers she would need to eventually make wise decisions in times of peace. However, this time would, as always, pass.

It was as her body had begun to grow into adulthood that the aberrations first appeared, wolves and mountain lions newly twisted into monsters. Later, the shambling monstrousties of arisen corpses. On her eleventh birthday, she had accepted that it was her fate to do something about it. By her twelth, she was capable of fighting.

Beginning with forays with the knights and soldiers into the slowly tainted lands, the young princess began to become a battle hardened warrior, learning the art of commanding military men from seeing it done. Now, four years later, she has earned the respect of her soldiers, so much so that it can truly be said that the army of Sadaren is hers, and not her mothers. She has every intent of leading her army to purge the land of the infection that plagues it, yet she has no clue where to strike.

Roleplaying Notes:

Crysta is disturbingly strong for someone of her slender frame, so much so that some of the more inventive castle servants spread the rumor that something a bit more supernatural or divine than the Prince Consort must be her father. The Prince, however, is very definitely her father, and the strength is derived from an inward channeling of sorcerous strength inherited from him.

Over the course of her forays into the ever-lengthening nights, she’s picked up a small handful of spells from the wizards, and is capable of using them to increase her own speed and strength, as well as to mystically boost her defenses. However, having learned them not from the books, but from the feel of the magic about her, she is incapable of casting them as anything other than self enhancements, though these spells have only verbal components.

In combat, she will frequently open by boosting her own speed and defense, before attacking with a savagely offensive style. She is ambidextrous and has enough experience with fighting with both hands that she will incur no penalty to attacks with either hand.

She in almost singularly dedicated to the survival of her kingdom, and will do everything she possibly can to cleanse the lands, though the survival of her people is paramount to her.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Barbarian Horde
March 8, 2005, 21:47
I'm confused:
"her battle prowess is as legendary to those people as her lack of education."
"Her powerful, intelligent presence, however..."
"She was taught to read, and write, and the numbers she would need to eventually make wise decisions in times of peace. "

Well written and very interesting, but that part doesn't make sense.
Siren no Orakio
March 13, 2005, 20:00
She can read, she can write, and she can add two and two... but that's about it. She has no 'real' education, no knowledge of science, advanced mathematics, or even farming. In current, real world terms, she fuctions at a first grade education. Complexities of history are lost on her... because she doesn't care to know them. Physics? Only so much as she needs to understand that she has to lead a target with an arrow. Chemistry? What's that? She is literate because she must be to run a kingdom, not because she reads tracts of philosophy or even farming, and this will reflect in her vocabulary.

She is Very Much Not stupid, however, just poorly educated. She can, and will, dissect the motives of a person in front of her. She is a master strategist and tactician, entirely by the combination of intelligence and experience.
Barbarian Horde
May 18, 2007, 17:46
kewl my names crysta too

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