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September 24, 2008, 3:41 pm

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O-Hanna -- Rim


"Well we can’t fix it, so we will just have to live with it," on a plaque dedicated to the terraforming team and first colonists.

A FireFly world

This is not your typical terraformed world. The caeliformed (creating of an atmosphere) and even some of the ecopoiesis (creation of sustaining ecosphere) went well. However, they were unable to shave off all that extra mass they were supposed to, without creating an planetary wobble that would be uncorrectable.

As a results O-Hanna is a 1.3 G planet, one with much more gravity than any normal life given planet. It is a planet that is mostly flat, with rolling hills being their equivalent of mountain ranges. It is practically covered in a sea of grass. The grass only being broken up by rocky outcroppings, the occasional low stubby tree, trickling river or pond, or a blockly local building.

The first colony on O-Hanna failed for a couple of reasons, none really worth mentioning. The second grouping managed to succeed, building off the remains of the first colony. They also brought both Sturdy Cows and Bison. Sturdy Cows are just bigger and broader than normal cows. The planet has biomass (compost, shit, organic garbage) and water imported to it, and exports beef, lots of beef. In fact there are 50 head per person here on O-Hanna.

While there is money to be made in this process, there is not a lot of wealth on the planet. So most of the planet is pretty "low tech".

The locals, they are all pretty short, averaging about 5’3" /160 cms, but stocky, weighting in at 200 lbs/ 90kgs in standard weight. They are a pretty dour bunch, as boring as their planet. They like their "cowboy" image, so rodeo is the local past time, even in town. They all seem to live for playing the harmonica.

Off world, one would think these folks would be super strong. They are pretty darn strong for their size (130% of expected). However they often have issues with how thin the air is, so they tire easily. The lower G also can bring heart/ blood pressure problems they don’t have at home.

Note: The locals do ride the local stubby legged Clydesdales as they herd the critters.

Shorthands for this world: Heavy G, Cowboys, Rodeo

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