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October 31, 2008, 4:41 am

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Niral Depsin


Madman, prophet, political radical, and terrorist are all words use to describe this Elysian, the man who speaks of manifest complexity.


Niral is a typical Elysian; slightly shorter and stockier than his Terran ancestors, shaped by the marginally higher gravity of his pelagic homeworld, his skin done in shades of bronze and copper. His hair is a muddy shade of brown, cut short and trim, his face clean-shaven and blandly pleasant, with plain brown eyes gazing out at the world placidly. Even at his most animated, he seems eminently forgettable, a person rendered to fill the role of the average.

A scientist by profession, he often dresses the part, in relatively formal attire due to his regular presentations - or as detractors prefer to call them,


Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes

Niral truly believes his doctrine; that the universe came into being from empty void, and from there has been evolving into ever more complex shapes because complexity, more than anything else, is the destiny of everything. Fromvoid, to primal plasma, to condensing gas and dust, to eventually form stars, galaxies, and planets. Chemical structure, going from simple chains to complex molecular compounds, and from there to life, and onward to the birth of intelligent life. From this point, he contends, it is the duty of intelligent life to seed the cosmos with more life, more intelligence, until a web of sentience spans the stars to birth the next stage of complexity in the cosmos; and onward, ever greater, toward a state of infinite complexity from which something new will be born. He doesn’t know what; the state is too distant for him to envision it. God, perhaps. Or a new universe, fresh for birth of still more complexity. Or both, or neither. It isn’t important to him; only the growth in the now concerns him, and he can speak for hours on end about it, about the duty and destiny of humanity as an intelligent race.

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