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"The city of Moath is a strange place, child." The mysteriuos traveler said. "It lays in the Cresta Mountains. It sits in the middle of the Moarth Sea. The isle is divided into the Fringe and the Interior and Spirits forbid if you ever enter the Interior, you will never be the same…."

"The city of Moath is a strange place, child." The mysteriuos traveler said. "It lays in the Cresta Mountains. It sits in the middle of the Moarth Sea. The isle is divided into the Fringe and the Interior and Spirits forbid if you ever enter the Interior, you will never be the same…."

NOTE: This is intended for an area where humans are rare to see.

The city of Moath is a city-state, well-known for it’s explorers and soceity. The city sits on an island that is divided into the exposed "Fringe" and the mountain surrounded "Interior".

The Interior is an high technology and low magic region. Many who live here are nobles, government officals,
the wealthy, military, and the royal family.

The Fringe, on the other hand, is low technology to high magic. They do have technology like computers but those type of equipment is far and few. Magical talent is more common than in the Interior.

Not much is known about the Interior, those who aren’t natives who go to the Interior rarely make back out. The last being to do so was stark mad when he returned. It is well known that not even visiting Digintaries are allowed in.


_Prior to the colonization of Moarth City, the Island provided a way-stop for many traveling nomads. The first species, according to Myth, to take up permanent residance there were said to be Humans. Then during the Great Exile, elves, demons, and drawves settled there. The Humans wishing not to fight drew up is what to say was the first stage of Moarth Government, the Council.
_Not even a century went by, when Humans suddenly disappeared. No record exist of why but comparing other cultures to Moarth, suggest a plague created by magic wiped out most of the human race and the rest left the region forever. There has been references to some sort of cystal called the Navitas crystal was part of the reason Humans disappear. After sometimes, Moarth became a Monarchy. Their first king was Acerbus Rowanarrow, an elf of unknown orgins.
_About two centuries ago, 1203 A.F., a group of elves discovered a library containing high technology in the Interior. Macto Rowanarrow, the now current king, was in the middle of losing a civil war. The cause of the war was there had been a famime for a while and the King had been ingoring the lower class poeple’s plead for aid. In a last ditch effort, he utilized the technology, winning the war.
_He purposely cut acess from the Part of the Island we know as Fringe to the Interoir. He proclaim that because of the Lower Classes’s ‘betrayal’ that they from that day forth were forbidden to use or have any form of ‘high technology’ for several generations. He has also forbidden outsiders and those of the Fringe from ever entering the Interior. Some have tried.
_Currently, the ban on technology has been repealed somewhat and the highest form of technology the Fringe is allowed is computers. The Fringe relies more on magic and common sense.


The Fringe is actually much larger than the interior, taking up 2/3 of the island. 1/4 of this area consists of floodplains where many of the crops are grown to support the island. Fringe in itself consists of three regions, the Plains, the Forest, and the Underground.

The Plains broders the floodplains and consist of where most of the population lives. The Forest provides a barrier between the Interior’s Gate and the Plains. The Underground consists of all the underground tunnels and caverns that run the whole of the island. Though a number of poeple live here, they live in the tunnels and caverns close to the surface, leaving most of the Underground unexplored.

The Fringe has no police. No need for them becuase of the ‘Shadows’. These ‘Shadows’ were created by the Sceincists of the Interior to be the ulimate soldier. They are cyborgs whom are able to use magic to deal with ‘disturbances among the lower folk’. Known for their sleath and brutality, those eight foot creatures resemeble a humaniod Ice Drake. See Flora and Fauna for details on Ice Drakes.

The Fringe is completely unprotected if there was an invasion. The first king had forbidden any type of large scale shield magic and glamor spells to keep the Fringe from attacks. If there was an attack, the Shadows are to withdraw to the Interior Gates and hold the invaders there.

The feared Interior, home of the royal family, is a strange place to say the least. It is said that the Interior doesn’t really need the crops of the Fringe. Even if this was so, it is known some of the rarest herbs and fruits are grown there. This is partly the reason some fools try to enter this place.

It is known that the royal castle lyes in the very middle of the Interior for there stands the Mountain of Spirits, the highest mountain on Moarth Isle. And on the flat top of the mountain sits the Temple Complex and the royal crypt. It is said that in the very center of the complex is said to be the legendardy Navitas crystal.

Technology consist of Cyberntics, Plamsa energy-based power plants, genetic engineer, etc. It has been even suggested that Interior have the capablities of space travel.


Ice Drake:
Refers to the most dangerous of predators in the Moarth Sea. Called Ice Darke since it has been found active even in the dead of winter.
Size: 10 ft to 50 ft
Breeding: N/A
Description: Snake-like head on a long, thick neck. Body is bulk and fexible. Foreclaws have 4 razorclaws, hindlegs resemble parrot feet with blunt claws. Tail is whippy and strong, capable of chocking a man. Teeth design to ripped prey apart. Skin is leathery and tough. Coloring ranges from grey-blue to black. Currently unable to distinush male from female.
Warnings: Do not look into eyes. Extremely hypnotic. Likely Hood of Suriving from such a close encounter with Ice Drake 1 out of 100.

Small creatures that often resemble cats, are often pets.
Size: 1 ft to 3ft w/out tail. 3ft to 9ft w tail.
Breeding: Mammalian cats. Have courtship fights. Litters up to 4 kits.
Description: These floating furballs often than not resemble cats but can look like foxes, dragons, etc. They have stubby legs and a roundish body. They have large heads and are quite clever. Their tails can be up to twice as long as their bodies and can be used like a monkey’s tail.
Warning: Elemental type: Air. Tendency to be places you would expect.

The herbs and fruits grown in Interior is up to the GM. As is the space travel part. Interior, beside the major points in up to up to decide. But the Navitas crystal is suppose to exsist.

——————Why Humans are rare in Moarth Region—————-
The Humans that orginally inhabited were magically neutral. They had no specific element-based magic. Humans being humans devoloped sceince at the same time they devoloped magical sceinces. Moarth humans were by far the most advance of the sentiments on the planet. Moarth humans were a ‘throwback’ of an forgotten era. All other races and most humans forgotten the "Golden Era" or it passed into obsure myths.

Humans begin a neutral race, managed to devolop a magic sceince called Navitas. The first Navitas crystal was a crowning achievement of Moarth. Unfortunely the crystal was split usundered by a power-hungry human. Humans not linked to Navitas energy were twisted by the explosion of energy. Other races were untouched but only because powerful enough human mages and wizards managed to keep it contained to humans. This resulted in a literal split in the human race. Humans who were twisted by the magic became known as Demons, as they had a tendency to undo the work of humans untouched over the centuries.

A second Navitas crystal was created that was far weaker than the orginal. It was created to keep the Human population from dying out. Some Elves with dark intentions figured out how to use the stone. They puprosely began creating magical plagues. Their reasoning was they were tired of being second best to humans in the Spirits’ eyes( humans seemed to be favored at the time by the spirits - reason can be up to GM). By time they were stood, over half of the human population in the Moarth region was dead and a good number of the remaining dying. It was decided to abandoned the Moarth Isle and the surrounding area, leaving the technology behind. They would leave a small number of humans behind to act as guardians of the Crystal and the knowledge stored there until humanity was ready to use it. Ironically, elves took over the Island and the rest is ‘history’.

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Comments ( 3 )
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October 14, 2003, 19:25

First of all, give more detail, please, especially about the history of the place.
Also, I see quite a few jumbled words. Where you typing this fairly fast?
Finally, you say that the Shadows resemble humanoid Ice Drakes.
What is an Ice Drake?
October 14, 2003, 20:33
It's a great start, but I agree with Capt, some more detail please. I know of two different interpretaions of Drakes, one being a pony sized dragon, the other a lizard man creature. Off hand, I forget the book.

I'd love to hear more about the culture and history, like if the fringe has computers and the interior has higher tech, are they like jedis or shadowrunners or what?

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