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January 14, 2006, 3:38 pm

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Lucah the Handsome


Over the primitive tribe of the Powi,Lucah the Handsome rules, his beauty and generosity dazzling the tribals that venerate him as a living god. But there are those dark ones who see his worship as blasphemy to the true demon lords…

Special Equipment:

A sweeping feathered head dress made of gold inlaid with jade and the feathers of birds of paradise. It is the sacred crown that only the living God of the Powi can wear. Any mere mortal who dares to wear it, will have his life forfeit.


In his exquisite human guise, he is a slender brown skinned man with sculpted features and large dark eyes that are as enchanting to gaze into as those of any fawn. Like his soft,caressing words and irresistable smile, they captivate and seduce those with him, rendering them his complete slaves with whom he can command to do almost anything for him. It is an attraction that is sexual, bordering on the erotic,for men and women alike, taking no prisoners, snaring all who allow themselves to drown in those twin dark pools set in his head. Dressed always in the richy embroidered loincloth of the living God, his perfect chest bare except for the little gold phalluses that dangle over it, he is the very image of the fertility and lushness that his people hold in awe.

His true form on the other hand,would send you into fits of terror. If unmasked for what he truly is,the Gahol is a giant slug like creature measuring 50 feet long,that has emerging from it which end in hooked claws.


Lucah was born a Gahol demon,a fiend that spreads its seeds through copulation with mortals of either sex,a process that kills the mortal involved. But the young Gahol that grows and develops in its unsuspecting human vessel, emerges unscathed and quickly searches for its own haven of prey where it can find mortals to help it bring forth its own children to being. This is important, as the Gahol when feeding off the sexual passion generated during love making, is compelled to transfer some of it to its parent via the psychic umbilical cord that links them and which endures till the death of the parent, hence the need for it to sire offspring of its own quickly.

Lucah like every Gahol, had a dream. A dream of finding some backward tribe of humans that woud accept and elevate him as their king, giving him willing sacrificial vessels to bed in return for the blessings of fertility that he would bestow on their farms and livestock to make them grow healthy and abundant. This gift is inherent in the Gahol and is but a small toll on the vitality of those Gahol who have a large net-work of offspring replenishing them.

Lucah was fortunate, very fortunate. His parent was a Gahol who had taken on the appearance of a beautiful woman and had seduced a young brave of the Powi tribe out on the hunt,into sleeping with her. Things took their natural course and five moons after returning to the village of his people,the young man died in the night as Lucah burst out of his body, fully matured. High and sharp were the unfortunate man’s screams,but there were none to hear him. He had been a rebellious young one who had often defied his elders and as punishment, had been condemned to live on the edges of the large village until he had learnt the error of his way and had acquired good sense and respect for his betters. Many believed this impossible and were convinced that he would melt into the forest,never to return and determined to live as a ‘‘wild man’’ in the jungle, those outcasts thrown out of their tribes for disobedience and arrogance, unbound by any kind of tribal law and hence free to rob and plunder all who passed through the jungle without any fear of consequences.

Thus it was, that his absence went uncommented upon. But there was a new arrival to the village who was taken note of. One twilight day as a village council was being held ,a strikingly beautiful man with exotic skin the color of the Qucah fruit, ventured into the village, suprising all those gathered there. Some of the warriors grabbed their weapons and hefted them at the mysterious stranger, warning him to halt and stand where he was. But ignoring this,he strode to a plot where a clump of millet crops wilted under a burning sun. Rainfall had been scarce that year and many had despaired of growing enough to feed their families. To the utter astonishment of everyone, as the stranger raised his hand over the dying plants and made a sign of blessing, the crops immediately become green and verdant before their very eyes. It was then that all fell to their knees, proclaiming the one who had performed this great miracle a god sent from the Relam of Wind by their ancestors to save them in this time of uncertainty.

Lucah they named him, or ‘‘saviour sent by the ancestors.’’  The god who had come down from the Relam of Wind to guide them,as they thought him,commanded the people of the Powi to erect for him a grand temple made of sandalwood that would be his residence, a sacred abode that none, save those blessed mortals with the authority of the god to do so, would be allowed to enter.

But every night, the god would emerge in all his dazzling beauty to bless the fields and livestock of the Powi, sending his his faithful flock into feverant deliriums of devotion and joy with his lilting words and mesmerizing gait. Many would scramble for the chance to kiss the footprints left in the dirt by the sacred feet of the god made flesh.

Lucah the Handsome as the folk of the tribe soon came to call him,was good to his people. Under his divine stewardship of the people,the crops and herds of swine flourished and thrived,bringing much food and prosperity to the tribe. All that the divine one demanded in return,was that each family take turns to give him one of their daughters on the first day of every month, a demand with which they complied eagerly. The fact that none of these women were ever seen again did not bother them in the least. It was rumoured that the god had made them priestesses and sent them to preach word of his coming to the kindred clans of the Powi. This was indeed a glorious destiny for any child of the tribe. But more importantly,no one really cared about the fate of those young women. Among them, female offspring had always been a burden,best married off as soon as possible. If the god made flesh, was kind enough to take them off the hands of their long suffering parents, then all the more reason to be grateful to him. At this point, even had his true nature been revealed to them, they would not have cared. A god who wielded his divine power to feed his worshippers well,was a god truly worthy of worship, regardless of his true from. The Powi were a pragmatic people.

And so the reign of Lucah the Handsome would go uninterrupted for centuries,even millenia, with the god king impregnating the women of the Powi with the spawn that would kill them,while empowering their father. So Lucah imagined. That fantasy was rudely shattered by the arrival of a potent new force that threatened to destroy all that the Gahol held so dear.

They called themselves the True Ones, those lesser demons dedicated to honoring the arch demons of Hell,the true masters of the world. Of all the infernal denizens that inhabited the nether world, ony they were fit to assume the mantle of gods. And yet a lesser demon like them and a lowly Gahol at that, had dared to declare himself a god. One of their agents had heard of such a pervesion taking place in the wilderness of jungle ruled by the Powi and their related clans. Gnashing their fangs in wrath, they armed themselves for a strike on the stronghold of the sly Gahol who had dared to trick a bunch of naive savages into elevating him to the status of a god.

All this Lucah soon learnt through the cord that linked him with his roving spawn. Wasting no time, he prepared the best warriors of the Powi for the blistering assault that he was convinced would soon befall them. It turned out to be a wise desicion. A week after he had first been warned of this,a small force of heavily armed lesser demons and imps attempted to storm the village. Only the bravery and skill of the warriors defending it,saved the people of the tribe from annihlation. But the respite proved to be brief and ever since then, bands of demonic warriors have been raging against the Powi, sometimes coming uncomfortably close to slaying the god himself. Meanwhile, the Powi grow weary of having to defend their god against these horrid abombinations, with some even cursing the day the god descended to aid them, albeit in secrecy. And the the Gahol grows ever more desparate…

Roleplaying Notes:

Lucah is not evil,per se,demon though he may be. He sees himself as a benevolent ruler who takes excellent care of his people in exchange for a fair price and resents having to kneel to the powerful lords of Hell that rule all of demon kind. They, he despises as needlessly cruel beasts that are not fit to rule an inch of Hell, let alone the private domain of an accomplished and independent lesser demon like him.

Plot hooks:Soldier for hire-The Gahol’s agents/offspring recruit the PC’s to come to the aid of their parent and strike a decisive blow against the forces that menace him.

Assasin-The PC’s acting on behalf of the True Ones,must pose as reinforcements from an allied tribe to sneak into the heavily guarded village,in order to slay the Gahol

Demon hunters-The PC’s have been sent by a holy order to investigate reports of demon sightings in the wilderness. Their mission:To find and slay any demons they hear of.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Ancient Gamer
March 21, 2005, 10:01
spellchecker needed. Add space after commas for readability.
March 21, 2005, 12:31
Excellent. Good work, Maggot.
Like AG said- problems with grammar, but it isn't a GIGANTIC point...

Ancient Gamer
March 21, 2005, 13:39
I'd say more a minor nuisance. Yeah, thats it! Minor nuisance indeed.
March 21, 2005, 17:54
A minor nuisance in an otherwise delightful post.

March 21, 2005, 22:28
I apologize for the sloppy typing and bad grammer. Indeed,I urgently need spell check. But I'm glad that didn't diminish my creation in any way to you guys. To be honest,I actually had doubts about this character at first.
Dragon Lord
March 22, 2005, 9:21
Doubts Maggot, how could you have doubts - this is brilliant

A demon that gives as much as it takes - very original

As for Lacah - he has depth - he has the complexity needed to make him "real"

And the Powi - I can see exactly why they would react in that way - it makes sense

This definitely gets the "I wish I' thought of that" accolade, and is thus worthy of 5/5
March 23, 2005, 5:07
Wow,now that is indeed fine praise. Thank you,Dragon God.

*weeps tears of joy as he gazes upon the creation that has won him such reknown*
Voted Murometz
November 1, 2013, 11:07
He reminds me immediately of Xerxes from 300 fame! Nice descriptors!

Also this line is disturbing to visualize..."his perfect chest bare except for the little gold phalluses that dangle over it," :P

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