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December 19, 2007, 7:38 am

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The Kolm, the very name brings terror into the hearts of civilized men.


The nations of the Kolm surpasses all other barbarians in their wilderness of life. Thoug they do just bear the likeness of men, of a very ugly pattern, they are so little advanced in civilization that they make no use of fire, nor any kind of relish, in the preparation of their food, but feed upon the roots which they find in the fields, and the half-raw flesh of any sort of animal. I say half-raw, because they give it a kind of cooking by placing it between their own thighs and the back of their horses.

They fight in no regular order of battle but by being extremely swift and sudden in their movements, they disperse, and hen rapidly come toghether in loose array. They spread havoc over the vast plains and flying over the ramparts, they pillage the camp of their enemy almost before he has become aware of their approach.

They are the most terrible warriors for when in close combat with swords and flails they fight without regard to their own safety, and while their enemy is intent upon parrying the thrust of the swords, they will entangle him with their chains so that he loses all power of walking or riding.

Excerpt from "The peoples of the world" By Taklamarian court-scholar Guliman Amon.

Daily Life

The Kolm pastoral nomads rely greatly on their animals for survival and move their habitat three times a year in search of water and grass for their herds. Their lifestyle is precarious, as their constant migrations prevented them from transporting reserves of food or other necessities. Rarely having the luxury of surpluses to tide them through difficult times, they are in fact extremely vulnerable to the elements. Heavy snows, ice, and droughts jeopardize their flocks and herds and heighten their sense of fragility. The spread of disease among the livestock can also spell disaster. Herders hunt and farm to a limited extent but are dependent on trade with more civilized nations in times of crisis.


The Kolm men and women wear similar apparel. The wear a long tunic garment, which is fastened across the breast. Durable trousers are worn underneath, and they wear strong leather riding boots. The warriors wear a leather belt upon which they attach quivers and bow cases. In the cold, they wear two fur coats, one with the fur inside, and an outer layer with the fur on the outside. To keep their head warm, they will wear fur caps.

Yellow is the most valuable color as a symbol of center. Green, red, white and black symbolize the East, the South, the West and the North respectively. Green, red, black, white and yellow are pure colors applied by the clan leaders and shamans. Common people only apply the secondary colors.

Gender Roles

Kolm society is a patriarchal one, with the male role being a dominant one. For the most part, women are submissive to men, and will assume typical female roles. All women are trained to ride and fight, as this can at times be necessary. Women who think they can prove themselves as competent as men may take a trial to become a Jarghere, or a female warrior, who is viewed as a male warrior. Since a woman can’t really fight, she is assumed to have adopted a male role. These women are few, as many prefer the close knit company of women rather than the hard life made more difficult by having to put up with proving oneself to every male.


The Kolm family is polygamous, with the husband allowed multiple wives. He may marry, and keep concubines. A heir will take over his father’s wives except his own mother, who would enter the family, not as a wife, but as his mother. Quarrels are rare between wives, who often work together to deal with the chores and watch over the children. All children from wives and concubines share the same legitimacy.

The Kolm family resides in a tent called a ger, a round tent based around a light wooden frame wrapped in felt or hide. Covered in grease, it was durable, resistant to water, and proof against wind and cold. The floor is covered by a felt mat or rugs thrown over straw or dried grass. The ger is always placed with the entry to the south. Inside, it is divided into three sections. The section to the right, or the east, is where the women cooked, slept, and took care of the children.

The section to the left, or the west, was a room for the husband to welcome guests. The back section was where the husband had his couch, his chest of possessions, and a small shrine.

Kolm Horses

Horses offer great mobility to the Kolms, permitting them to roam the lands in search of pasture for their flocks, as well as to round up other horses that have been allowed to graze freely faraway from an encampment. Riders gathering the horses together are equipped with a pole at the end of which is a special lasso. Children, who are skilled riders at an early age, assume this responsibility on occasion. Horses give the Kolm people the decided tactical advantage of mobility in conflicts against civilization. They initiate a hit-and-run raid on a villages, fleeing back to the vilderness and thus evading the less mobile civilized military response.


The Kolm people are a martial group of people. Their horsemanship, their steeds, and their bows are all parts of daily life that can be applied to military pursuits.
They survive solely on their abilities as warriors. Their old tribal wars were barbaric and violent, with betrayals, massacres, torturing and execution. The Kolm people ask for no mercy and compassion, and are incapable of giving them either. It is said that they are as cold and merciless as the land they originally hail from, the far north.

The Kolm Horse Archer is a deadly opponent, and the basic type of troop in the Kolm army. They act as the main body of the troops, moving quickly, firing their bows from speeding columns, always impossible to engage in melee. When the Kolm do attack, it is from the Lancers or heavy cavalry who charge the weakened enemy. The fleeing foes are then cut down by the lighter Kolm Horse Archers.




The Kolm are masters at moving quickly around their enemies, and surrounding them. They are capable of making flank and rear attacks at will. They prefer to ambush their enemies, or cutting off elements and destroying isolated units. They have the fastest moving army of the Known World.

Their enemies are unable to bring the Ungols to battle. The Ungols have no large cities, no castles or fortifications to defend, and the endless Steppes to evade their enemies in. They are absolutely merciless. They have no problems being cut off from their armies, having numerous steeds, able to sleep in the saddle, and living off the land. Even their appearance on a battlefield leaves the enemy to wonder if this appearance is a trap.

The Kolm warriors often make feints and false attacks to trick their opponents, while another unit circles around behind. Often a fleeing Kolm unit will lead their pursuers into an ambush. Their maneuverability is almost infallible, having everywhere to flee to, and being able to attack almost anywhere.

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