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November 12, 2006, 4:46 pm

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Items of Legend; the Wanderer’s equipment and tools


Every hero during the course of their career collects items to help them along the way to greatness, and Taran is no different. Listed here are the items gifted or â??foundâ? by him over the years. Each played an important role in his many adventures.

Reithe’s Staff
This is a six foot long staff made of red heartwood, twisting slightly at the end. The grip is wrapped in dark stained calfskin and it is set at both ends with three iron bands. In the tip is a small borrowed hole a finger length in size. Hidden beneath the strapped grip is a sturdy spear head, grooved on both sides. The tang of it fits snuggly into the hole in the top of the staff. Although for melee this makeshift spear is quite useful the twist in the end makes it clumsy at best for throwing.
A gift from his foster father and mentor in the martial arts, Taran keeps this with him at all times. Although he has never made it back home, this is a constant reminder of his childhood and a promise he has yet to fulfill.

Tander Imshreen’s Gloves
This is a finely crafted pair of calfskin gloves, dyed a dark red-brown. Decorative stitching covers the back of each. Hidden in the seams on the back of each glove is a small piece of volcanic glass, one edge chipped to razor sharpness. Along the edge of each glove is also a thin hollow containing a flexible piece of wire.
These were a gift from his first love and closest friend. Knowing there was a chance he would end up in the clutches of his enemies, she thought these a practical and heart-felt gift.
Her untimely death at the gallows has been a pain Taran has never been able to let go of.

Boots of the Sha’Jal Aqidel
These are high, soft walking boots the color of chestnut. Aside from the thickened soles there seems to be nothing unusual about these boots at first glance. On close inspection of the heels will reveal that they in fact slide open. The compartments will each hold two pieces of folded parchment.
Once donned the, second secret of these unusual footwear will be revealed. They are sewn in such a way as to hide the bulky outline of a small sheath in each one capable of holding a knife or small dagger. Unless inspected very closely they will not be noticed, even by the most suspicious of city guards.
Taran met the elf called Sha’Jal, or Jal to his closest friends, while he was still a young man. A suspected smuggler and spy, Jal commonly hired Taran to transport information about local thieves and bandits hidden in these specially made boots. When returning from a trip Taran found the body of his employer at his place of business, his throat slit. Taran still wears these boots because of their usefulness and comfort.

Ginaman’s Buckler
A simple sturdy buckler covered in thick hide. The hide is held in place by straps that can be unhooked from the back while held. Beneath the hide is a thin covering of steel, polished to a mirrored finish.
This shield was recovered from the northern barbarian Ginaman at the Battle of Shadow Hills upon his death. His last words to Taran were “Always let your foe underestimate your intelligence.”

Azurnath’s Sheath
This is a common sheath suitable for a large knife or dagger, cross wrapped with silvered wire. If one were so inclined, a small wooden handle on the back of the sheath could be pulled out with one end of the silvered wire firmly attached and the other connected to the sheath itself. Said instrument could then be used to quietly dispatch someone, if one were so inclined…
This was taken from the defeated bandit and killer-for-hire Azunath while Taran was patrolling the King’s Road. Although nearly killed, Taran keeps this as a reminder of how close death is and how fickle the Fates tend to be.

Azurnath’s Scabbard
A standard scabbard fit for a basket hilt broadsword, matching the design of the sheath.
After unwrapping the silvered wire will reveal the layers of secrets this item hides.
Between the layers of boiled leather are strips if lime wood, several small flat picks, a folded piece of “sharkskin”, and a small pivot-handled metal mirror.
This was also taken from the corpse of the thief and assassin Azunath while traveling the King’s Road.

The wizard Ath-Girazan’s Hooded Cowl
Originally natural in color, this oxblood hued leather hood seems nothing more than common outerwear. Waterproof and light, this is a normal item a traveler might wear.
Examining the inside will show several small pockets along the neckline, each able to hold one coin. Along the front seam of the cowl are four larger pockets, each close to the size of a small book. Although noticeable when full, these four pockets help to keep the weather from ruining any important small items carried, especially prayer and spell books.
Taran met this foolhardy and egotistical mage along the road to find a dragon that terrorized local villages and hamlets. Joining forces they set upon the dragon’s cave together. Eventually defeated through wits and deception, the dragon took Ath-Girazan with him to the hereafter. This cowl, along with the cover of Taran’s Psalter, were recovered after the dragon’s carcass had been torn apart and burned by the locals.
He keeps them in memory of his foolish but brave friend.

Taran’s Psalter
This small gilded book is not exactly as it seems. Although the covers would signify it as an illuminated text, it is in fact a notebook. Inside are almost illegible scratching filling most of the pages. If one were so inclined to inspect the writing under a glass, a most interesting discovery would be made.
Within these pages are written several key phrases in many ancient languages and their translations, mostly to do with curses wards and directions, the names of several barmaids and the taverns and inns they work in, spell formulas, and prayers of several different faiths, both modern and long forgotten. Also there are several names and calendar dates and a few notes such as “The large berries in the south plains burn the mouth”, “Unicorns are much more dangerous than they appear” and “Carry chalk while in ruins and underground caverns” scattered throughout the pages.
This volume was compiled over the years during Taran’s travels. Along with the many reminders of past mistakes are the names of friends and their birthdates, trysts fondly remembered, and heavily researched notations. All information from advice to translations to prayers is correct, sound, and useful.

see Taran Silverhand, the Wanderer

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted MoonHunter
November 12, 2006, 11:46
Voted Cheka Man
November 12, 2006, 12:26
It is allright.
Voted CaptainPenguin
November 12, 2006, 12:36
Kind of interesting... The items are well-characterized, and I like that there is a specific story behind every item, they aren't just anonymous "equipment" picked up in some random mart in such-and-such kingdom.
Voted Scrasamax
November 13, 2006, 3:54
What CP said.
Voted Murometz
November 13, 2006, 16:59
I like these quite a bit actually. Evocative names and items!
Voted chilled
November 18, 2006, 10:40
like murometz said, unusual items...
nice one.
not overpowered either.
Voted valadaar
February 10, 2007, 14:09
I like how the equipment is characterized. A good description of items of quality, but not magic.
Voted Strolen
February 11, 2007, 9:08
I think this would be especially neat as a scroll to be used for descriptions of weapons on display at a shop vs. an inventory of sorts.

Adventurers are always restocking so whey do the things they have to buy have to be an itemized list. Any seller worth their beans is going to try and talk up their products and these short descriptions do wonders for me as far as that goes. Might be a special store, but each item is unique with a cool little idea and buying something with a history is even more fun and memorable.

That is what I would use this list for anyway.

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