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May 29, 2007, 5:27 pm

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High Senate of Sorcery


A place where arch-mages decide on the laws of magic.

The High Senate of Sorcery
This organization was formed over 2000 years ago after the Wizard’s War ended. After the destruction caused by summoned monsters and dangerous spells the wizards that survived made up their minds that steps had to be taken to prevent another Wizard’s War. The Senate was chosen from five of the surviving magi, and on a regular schedule, these seats would be re-elected from the ranks of the magi who had not yet served on the senate. The first senators are remembered in stone, statues that line the main chamber of the senate. The current senators debate magic under the eyes of their enlightened peers. Those early senators were warriors and survivors, not just greybearded wizards researching spells in their towers.

The Hall of Sorcery
Sitting on top of a waterfall, it’s foundations buried deep into the stone, the Hall of Sorcery is as much a city as it is the meeting place of the Senate. After a while, 5 senators were not enough and once a century of so, a few new seats would be added on. These seats were technically equal to the first five but in practice were socially inferior. There was more honor and prestige to be had in the first five seats than in any others.

The Hall of Sorcery itself is made of white marble and looks like a Greek temple surrounded by falling water. The rest of the city sits on the shoulders of the falls on either side of the river.

Additional Ideas (3)

Jeugan the Arch-Mage
The oldest of the standing Senators, Jeugan has held his position for a long time and is considered one of the wisest of the magi. Tall, grey bearded and balding, he is still spry though some think he overly relies on his magics to do everything for him. He moves around in a floating magic throne and has a flock of winged incubi who carry his messages and mix his tea for him.

Most of the time Jeugan does little more than sit and nod while the other members of the Senate argue with each other. He does speak on occassion, and when he does most of the others listen. The youngest members of the senate think he is long past due for replacement but lack the skill or opportunity to remove him.

2007-05-29 05:34 PM » Link: [3937#27610|text]
Dame Oradia, Sorceress of Snow
A cryomantic magus, Oradia is frequently mistaken for an effeminate man. This makes her angry most of the time and she has a very bad temper. She is very smart as a spell caster, but her magic is generally lacking creativity and spends most of her time pointing out the flaws in other people's magic. Some of the time her advise is welcome as she is very smart about temporal and cold spells. When she starts pointing out mistakes to a pyromancer, things get ugly.

An elder magus, Oradia is also the matriarch of a large family and commands a significant number of constructed beings such as golems, gargoyles, and the like.

2007-05-29 05:39 PM » Link: [3937#27611|text]
Sahu Beneggreb
A dark skinned magus from a distant land of mountains, horses, and fighting, the Sahu is considered to be one of the most enlightened of the Magi. While he is seen as stern and unyielding, his word is honor and he is a guide for younger magi. Jovial and busy, he deals with magics of permutation and fate, looking into chaos and the future to divine magics. He uses this talent to help other magi with their research as well as lending it to the Senate.

Unfortunately the Senate is a place of large egos and seldom do these luminary magi deign to ask one of their own to cast spells in their favor. The Sahu speaks for great co-operation, but his cries are often ignored as debates run hot.

2007-05-29 05:44 PM » Link: [3937#27612|text]
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