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November 17, 2005, 11:29 am

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Griffin Orent


In my setting that is posted here called “The Kingdom of Orentia” the appointed ruler of the town of Thorpe is Griffin Orent.  Griffin is actually the leader of a rather large group of bandits operating all over the kingdom.  However, these are not your normal bandits…

Griffin is an average looking young man of average height and average weight.  He has brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.  Overall, just looking at him he doesn’t appear to be someone you would remember easily. His clothes are of very quality, but not flashy.  Most of the time he walked around the town unarmed, but flanked by two or three escort guards.

Griffin is brother of the King.  He used to live in the royal court at the capital city, but that all changed when his wife was called to testify before the court against a friend of Griffin.  When she was asked various questions about the accused, she committed what is a capital crime in this very lawful government.  She lied under oath to protect her husband about a very unimportant issue.  Her lie was discovered.  She was summarily executed and her husband was reprimanded.  His offense was very minor even in this kingdom.  This occurrence opened Griffin’s eyes to the fact that his family’s kingdom despite being lawful and protective of all its subjects, it was not good.  Over the next many years, Griffin began to see the kingdom for what it truly was and decided that the oppression caused by law without heart must be fought.  Unwilling to lead an open revolt against his family and thereby causing the deaths of many, Griffin began to gather other like-minded people. He organized them into a group of “bandits” that operate an underground caravan to help good people escape their “lawful” punishments. Eventually once enough money has been earned, Griffin and his band will also leave the Kingdom and start a new in the Neighboring Kingdom of Thalas.

Special Equipment
Griffin has two important magical items.  The first is a cloak that offers protection from the elements and assists is avoiding damage from area attacks.  The second is a armband that assists his ability to convince people that what he is saying is correct.

Roleplaying Notes
Portraying Griffin while in the town of Thorpe:
Griffin behaves like the useless man on the top, that tries to do things well, but most people around find ways to make it better. He is an arrogant know it all that lets everyone know he would be able to do things better. Most of the townsfolk feel nothing but contempt for him.  He has long been known to not really do any governance for the town; he is just a figure head.  The real power lies in his nephew, Michael Orent, who is the captain of the guard for the town.

Portraying Griffin while organizing the bandits:
While Griffin is leading his true followers, he is confident, but not arrogant.  His magnetic personality reasserts itself as does his desire to protect those who cannot protect themselves from the oppressive government ruled by his family. 

The organization:
In many small towns of the Kingdom you will find two or three members of Griffins group.  They will only know of one other person in the group, but that person will not be in the same town.  Each person also has a hypnotic suggestion that protects them and each other from various interrogation techniques.  Orders and plans for the whole group are sent through a series of complicated steps that change every time a message is sent.  Patterns are very dangerous and avoided at all costs.  All members discovered in this plot would be killed in any of the kingdom’s courts.  The bandits do steal money and goods from traveling caravans, but they try to avoid killing anyone and only take governmental goods and funds, never personal belongings.  Also, the group avoids large targets to avoid attracting large attention.  Lastly, the group organizes its hits, so that there is only ever one or two hits in any one area for a year or two.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Mourngrymn
December 12, 2005, 12:19
This is a nice idea. While it needs some editing around the edges for grammer mistakes it smacks of a decent idea.

It sounds like a decent idea of good turned bad but for a good reason. More description of his items would be nice as well. His cloak being very mundane and not exciting to say the least, but his armband has sounding promise. If you don't flesh it out someone here might and link it back. As a matter of fact, I think I will try my hand at it.
Voted valadaar
November 1, 2007, 11:09
Tis not bad. How did he learn such detailed techniques for evasion?
Voted Moonlake
July 5, 2015, 2:33
A solid NPC, his tactics reminds me of how the Communists operate before they come into power in China but then that's cos I'm addicted to watching mainland Chinse spy thriller dramas lately :)

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