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November 18, 2005, 8:28 pm

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Golden Tears Mistress


Once the daughter of a royal family of the Living Lands, Golden Tears Mistress forsook her family’s ancestor offerings in exchange for the privileges of the court of First and Night-Crowned Wolf.


Golden Tears Mistress was once and still is exceptionally beautiful. Though her skin once was a living hue, it’s current pale whiteness gives her a sort of cadaverous beauty. Her hair is raven black, and she wears it carefully pinned up in a style which her master and lover currently finds pleasing. Her lips are a bloody red, and her eyes are much like they were in life, but their green is flecked with red and orange. She is slim of form, yet not appearing undernourished. She usually wears an ornate robe in the style of the ancient East, in bright hues that are brilliant against the muted blacks, grays, and pale humors of the Underworld. In the court of her master, First and Night-Crowned Wolf, she is silent and demure, as the Ghostlord enjoys it. However, outside of the black court, Golden Tears Mistress is as vicious and ice-hearted as a spectre can be, and she readily beats or even annihalates slaves and servants who displease her.


In the Living Lands, in the city-state of Kiijin-Ta, the royal queen bore a daughter, a beautiful thing, possessed of a raven beauty that surpassed even that of her mother. This princess grew to maturity with a huge surplus of suitors, and her father, the king of Kiijin-Ta, took a liking to one of the suitors, the Baron of Alkajo-Ta. The marriage of the Baron and the princess was arranged, and was to take place at her 13th birthday. But on the eve of the wedding, the Queen and various noblewomen, entering the waiting chamber to congratulate the Princess, discovered her dead body, her throat slit. She had committed suicide rather than marry the Baron.

In the Underworld, the Princess found that because she had committed suicide and forsake her family, her respected ancestor spirits in her ancestral home refused her, and cast her out into the wilds of the Underworld after taking her name for the Great Census of the Dead, as all dead must be recorded so. She recieved no grave offerings, no slaves, no horses, no tomb golems. She had left her family forever. Soon, working as a serf among low-born ghosts upon a spectral farm, the Princess was discovered by the vassals of the Ghostlord, First and Night-Crowned Wolf. Seeing her beauty, the vassals destroyed the farm and slew the spectre who owned her. Taking her before First and Night-Crowned Wolf in his Great Palace in the city of Nepherum, the center of the Underworld, they presented her as a possible addition to his harem. But the Ghostlord had other ideas. Taken with her beauty, First and Night-Crowned Wolf took her immediately to the edge of Oblivion, where she sold her name to the Death Gods, making her into Golden Tears Mistress. So was she made to be his consort, and so is she now, though she has changed her appearance to a more adult form.

Roleplaying Notes:

-In my particular setting, the spirits of the dead first arrive at their family’s ancestral home in the Underworld. Some stay for the rest of their after-lives, while others depart.
-The ghost inherits in the Underworld whatever grave offerings are left for them by their surviving family. Money left in the grave gives the spectre currency for use in buying goods in the Underworld. Slaves or servants buried in the tomb manifest with their master as slave spectres, as with horses and other animals. Effigies, shabtis, and other figurines and statues buried in the tomb manifest with the dead as tomb golems, animate statues, which has led to the practice of burying statue armies with dead kings so that they are well protected in the Underworld.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Zylithan
November 9, 2005, 11:35
Great physical description (although 13 seems a little young to me!). Your campaign world obviously has a very different notion of the underworld than the ones I have played in, which I thought was cool. It's interesting, a very "alive" underworld in my opinion.
Voted Ancient Gamer
November 9, 2005, 11:51
13 is young, yet children marry sometimes even when their age is in the single digits. Such it has been throughout real world history and such it still is in parts of our world. In ancient Sparta young boys was coupled with an elder male tutor and they developed a gay partnership in which they shared bed, battlefield positions, home, everything. Usually, but not always, the children were spared the sexual attention of their older male partner until they were "ready". I am sorry Zylithan but I find this realistic for certain cultures. Pseudo-European fantasy with no one beneath 21 drinking beer, no nudity, no profanity and such IS a product of our time and civilization, and sticking to this in all and every situation would be incredibly dull.
Voted DrTurtlesse
May 15, 2009, 20:45
Good character, but like Zylithan, its your ideas of Underworld that make thsi sub really interesting for me.
March 19, 2013, 13:43
Interesting, though somehow very little of Golden Tears Mistress herself shows through here.

An interesting twist would be that tomb robbing would have consequences in the next world, which would explain why ridiculous efforts are made to protect the tombs of the wealthy.
Voted valadaar
March 19, 2013, 13:44
Only voted


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