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May 25, 2009, 9:29 pm

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Emotes are spirits which appear as blindingly bright balls of light.  They float with a source of propulsion which has not been identified

An emote's primary mission in life is to bind with a human being and feed off the emotional energy exerted by the human.  While the feeding process is not harmful to the human, the emotions associated with everyday life are not suitable for a emote's diet.  To obtain the proper amount of emotional energy, the emote can manipulate its host in a variety of ways, depending on the particular emotion that it feeds on.

Pleasure-this emote has a slightly softer yellow tone to its glow and is the easiest emote to observe close up

Host benefit

Host is continuously filled with extraordinary sensation, and many historical examples of those infected by this emote show that the host usually gain great wealth.

Host detriments

The host becomes increasingly dependent on others to do tasks for them, offering money to others in exchange for their support in the host's goal of maximizing its own pleasure

Pain- This emote has a strong blue tinge to its glowing white center and has the potential to blind sighted organisms that do not avert their eyes in its presence

Host benefits

The host finds itself unaffected by pain and gains great endurance

Host Detriments

The host's inability to feel

Disgust-This emote seems to draw everything in its presence toward itself.  Other lights will flicker and dim when it passes

Host benefits

Host gains strong persuasive ability and increased intelligence

Host detriments

Host becomes increasingly withdrawn from companions, will not accept aid of any kind

Fear- This emote casts suprisingly dark shadows for its size, and causes minor distortions in the areas of darkness that it creates

Host benefits

host gains short term prescience, can see a short distance into the future

Host detriments

Over time, the prescience becomes more and more negative, so the host can only see the negative outcomes of a situation it is in.

Anger- This emote quickens the pulse of beings nearby and shines with a red tint

Host benefits

Host becomes physically stronger and faster

Host detriments

host's temperment becomes increasingly aggressive, eventually will attack anything that is nearby

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