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April 14, 2008, 9:02 pm

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Concluders haunt the frozen lands of their home in search of knowledge.

Full Description
   Concluders are large, shaggy, vaguely man-like creatures. They stand about seven feet tall, and weigh approximately four hundred pounds. Long, gangly arms hang down from bristle-encrusted shoulders, and end in hands with nine double-jointed fingers. Dirty white fur covers all but the faces of these grotesque creatures, and their skin is a slimy gray.
   Concluders faces are an aberrant spectacle. Above a drooping nose, their eyes poke outward from their foreheads like overgrown warts. Their eyes are great, bulbous things, a deep blue in color, and sickeningly bloodshot. Their mouths seem almost too small for such large creatures, but are exceedingly useful as they have both incisors and molars.
   Unlike quite a few beasts that the average adventuring party might face, Concluders are completely natural in origin, pulled into existence in the same manner as humans, or, perhaps, elves. Then, after being created, Concluders, in all their abnormal grandeur, were cozily installed in the frigid wastes of the wintry north. For a time, they were content to go about the business of being a race, advancing technology and so forth. But, eventually, they became curious about the other peoples of the world, who some times came wandering up into the their territory. At first, Concluders were happy conducting experiments on the unfortunates that they caught, and then after they died, usually of old age, dissecting the corpse. Any information that was discovered would be diligently recorded on a large stone tablet in a scrawling hand. The name of Concluders was given to their race by the ones who returned from the northlands, in reference to their constant learning and the conclusions that they drew. This changed, one day, when a noted Gatherer, as they call their scientists, discovered Theorem. With this new substance, not only could they gain information about other creatures, they could gain the knowledge that other creatures possessed. Suddenly, Concluders had the information needed to construct great machines of war, wield mighty magics, and even strike down gods. But they didn’t. Instead, the concluders just wrote what they learned down in the one thing that they adopted from civilization, books.
Additional Information
   Centuries of collecting information have impacted Concluder society, power is measured by the size of your library, and a single fact could buy a loaf of bread. Although not really malevolent, concluders want to find every piece of knowledge possible, which may lead them in directions of torture, murder, and, possibly, cannibalism. Anyone traveling through the northern territories will eventually be approached by a lone Concluder, who will then invite them to come in and share their knowledge. If the invitation is refused, then the twenty or so Concluders who are hiding just around the corner come into view, so as to "reiterate" the invitation. The Concluders have become virtual lore masters. Because they will also trade information with pretty much anyone, much could be gained by finding these creatures.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Murometz
March 8, 2008, 10:05
This needs a vote and comment.

Not bad. Good physical description. You seem to gloss over a sizable chunk of their nature and story experiments? scientists? Needs some expanding, me'thinks. Some insight into their behavior and such.

Also, "Concluders" would probably not be what they call themselves, right? And on that note, why are they called, "Concluders"? :)

Could be good this, with some more love added.
May 3, 2008, 13:07
BUMP. Lets help Colonel Drackler conclude the Concluders!
Voted valadaar
May 28, 2013, 19:53
Only voted

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