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September 20, 2013, 11:10 pm

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A scroll of one-shot scenarios that can provide a different setting from your normal sessions.

The Idea

Occasionally every campaign slows down and your players want or need a break from the storyline they're currently travelling. Or perhaps you're in-between sections and you need to fill a session or two with something that won't horribly wreck your setting. You might even just want to throw something completely different at your PCs. Inspired by this scroll entry, this is a collection of one-shot scenarios explained with an overarching frame-story:

The rare and strange creatures known as Burrowers have temporarily connected two locations that are conceptually similar to each other. The PCs have encountered the portal at "Place #1" which leads to "Place #2", and have some reason to take a look around the new area.

What We're Looking For

Each scroll entry should contain a few pieces of information:

The Jumping-Off Point ("Place #1") - This is the location which the players encounter first, and resides in your "normal" setting. It should have a description.

The Destination ("Place #2") - This is the location that is temporarily connected by the Burrower portal to Place #1. It does not need to reside in the same world as Place #1. It should have a slightly more detailed description than Place #1, since this is where the PCs will be spending most of their time.

The Connection - This is the conceptual connection between the two locations. It can be woven into the descriptions of each location, but it needs to be present somewhere, otherwise the connection between the places will feel extremely arbitrary.

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