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August 27, 2008, 4:07 pm

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30 Students


Welcome back to school. Or high school, Or college, for that matter. 30+ students to fill up those boring classes…

Disclaimer: these might be a bit biased towards my experience of uni, but there you go. feel free to add at will

1.The hobbit
Nobody knows why, but Scott has forgone the use of shoes. Some sort of return to nature, perhaps. Regardless of why, he has now earned the well deserved nickname of hobbit from his fellow student. A good friend of Metal guy, with whom he goes to numerous gigs, nobody knows how his feet manage to survive like this. Scott’s feet are also rarely clean, and this grosses out must of the female students.

2.The rich kid
Born into wealth, Felix has it all. The flashy sports car, The latest gadgets, and the designer wear. Having an allowance larger than his professor’s salaries, however, has not helped him in the slightest. Having never been taught modesty by kin or life, he brings upon himself the jealousy of many and the contempt of most. A situation not helped by his less than stellar performance academically. His arrogance and ignorance of life has not helped him with the opposite sex either. It seems that there are things that money can’t buy…

3.The Aristocrat

4.The sports chick

5.Miss Prim

6.Astro Girl

7.The hacker

8.The gamer

9.Mr connections

10.Party Man!

11.The drunk

Standing to what looks like seven feet tall, and as wide as a bus, Bear is downright scary. In lecture theaters, he grabs a chair and sits outside the normal seats, being unable to fit his knees in. Actually a really nice guy, Bear is buddy with the mature guy, with whom he does most of his practical work. Interestingly, Bear’s girlfriend is the artist, a tiny woman no higher than five feet. In terms of academics, bear holds his own very well, and is always willing to help others. It turns out that his personality is actually very gentle, and Bear wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

13.The entrepreneur
Always on top of things, Jon runs several businesses out of his dorm room. From refreshments at all the university’s events, to supplying the sports teams with the latest gear, all strings run through him. With at least a hundred students as employee, he comes as one of the top five employers in town. In terms of spare cash, only the rich kid has more, yet jon lives in the cheapest room, and buys cheap knock-offs. Franklin’s frugality? - perhaps. His major? Business of course. Yet few understand his drive and ambition, or the fervor in his eyes. Few that is except for his little sister and mum, still living in their tiny apartment. They know that he works for them. And that account he’s got slowly filling up, it’ll be a deposit on a new house for them. What he wants to do later in life? We’ll see, he answers.

14.The "entrepreneur"
Benny was never one for the straight road. At eight, he was caught selling his dad’s cigarette on the playground for a 300% markup. Clever as hell, he has never failed to see where the quickest profit was to be made. At sixteen, he was not only selling truckloads of weed, he had a whole network, and had protected himself by supplying to the mayor’s son, and most of the police brats. Walking into uni, he used his entire scholarship fund to buy in bulk. It worked. Today he distributes to everybody. Indeed, His biggest customer is no other than the stoner, followed in close second by the philosopher.

15.The romantic

16.Rock star

17.Metal guy
Dark T-shirts, long hair, leather coat, Metal guy manages to stand out even amongst a crowd of students. His face is mostly hidden behind a curtain of greasy hair, and his professors see him with a curious eye. Technically competent, he doesn’t talk much at all, preferring to have his earphones in, and banging his head. His secret crush for Miss prim has so far gone unnoticed, and the two haven’t even talked to each other.

Megs, nearly always attends her lectures. Unfortunately, she inevitably falls asleep in them, earning her the sobriquet of Sleepy. Its not her fault, you’ll hear her say, but she just couldn’t go to sleep until 04:00 in the morning. What she does at night, you ask? Facebook, she answers. having every application and gadget, she often finds herself in the early morning hours, a dissertation undone but safe in the knowledge that each of her friends has a little personalized message for them in the morning. Interestingly, Megs is also often found late at night with the philosopher, discussing with the exclusive gusto of youth topics such as existence or reality.

19.Miss broken heart

20.The one night stand

21.The stud

22.Mister Professor

23.The stoner

24.corporal Vicki

25.The mad scientist

26.The tinkerer

27.The Mechanic
Darren is rarely seen outside his classes, and with reason. Darren’s pride and joy resides in his garage, for which he pays by working at the local auto-shop. A vintage Triumph Bonneville Black motorcycle, that bike has been taken apart and put together countless times. His love story with this bike is so strong that he keeps an mp3 recording of its engine in case he ever feels nostalgic, which occurs several times during the day. Interestingly, his garage also often receives Miss broken-heart, and Darren consoles her whenever she is feeling down. The two of them have a strange relationship, and hold no secrets from each other. perhaps Miss Broken-heart’s true love has been in front of her all along?

28.The worker

29.Mr makes-it-look-easy

30.The suck up

31.The snob

32.The cheat

33.The couple


35.Miss procrastinator

37.The philosopher
Never seen without his trademark turtleneck sweater and organic raw hemp boots,

38.Mr god

39.The activist

40.Mr crew cut

41.The smart kid who’s messing it up

42.The mature guy

43.The clubber

44.The antisocial

45.Miss network

46.The *nix guru

47.The musician

48.The chess player

49.The reporter

50.Miss happy

51.Born again

52.The artist
Gwen is a tiny women, and is completely lost amongst the crowd of students. But her small stature hides a very sharp mind and eye. Incredibly capable with brush, pencil, or camera, Gwen can make mesmerizing paintings and has exposed her work in some very well renown galleries. She contrast enormously to her boyfriend, Bear, but the two of them are inseparable, and seeing them together is heartmelting.

53.The roleplayer
Long hair, D&D T-shirt, spending his free time playing Magic or Roleplaying, The roleplayer is ignored by most, and makes friend mostly with other roleplayers. passably competent at his subject, he prefers to lose himself in worlds where such things as standards of personal hygiene or social etiquette do not apply. Rumored to be friend with The Ghost, he is the only point of contact to the mysterious figure.

54.The Ghost
The Ghost is a legend amongst his class. To most, he exists simply as an extra student number on the results sheet, and few have even noticed that the class is always missing one person. Even his professors have never seen him, and yet his work always manages to find its way to them, and is more often than not flawless. In labs, The ghost never appears, yet his lab-book is filled and up to date. baffling both staff and students alike, he has never been seen.

55.The existentialist

56.The cabalist

57.The witch

58.Mr zen

59.The hard-core rower

60.The nice guy

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