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August 8, 2007, 1:20 am

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Uxoria Skyye


Respected and reviled, a controversial and mysterious figure of the past.

The appearance of Uxoria Skyye is largely dependant on the stance of the party discussing this sorceress. Those who support her and the rights of women paint her as a strong and statueske woman with waving brunette hair and green eyes that burned like emeralds. Those who wish to defame this sorceress paint a more slattern like picture of a woman dressed in immodest leather, crimson lips curled in a perpetual sneer.

Uxoria Skyye was the first powerful and successful sorceress in an age dominated by wizards and sorcerers. Women in those days did know magic, but their was relegated to simple hearth charms and matters of lesser healing and such. The greater realms of magic were deemed to powerful for a mere woman to control, that only the power of a man was great enough. Somehow, and again the story changes from person to person, Uxoria gained the knowledge of greater sorcery and became the first female magic user to claim the mantle of sorceress.

Her adherents claim she invented her own brand of sorcery to show men that women were their equals, while the detractors claim that she gained her powers by selling her sex and soul to demons. It is pretty likely that she gained her power the way most magi do, through trial and error, and experimentation.

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