It was said that the dark wizard Vandole was devoid of all pleasurable emotions, and that he was a soulless corpse that possed great power. All he did was pace around his library, invinting new spells, and gaining new knowledge. He hardly ever left his mansion, but sometimes he would stare out the window, at all the joy and love that he could not experience.
Over time, he became rather annoyed at the fact that he could never have what everybody else had. He began experimenting on a way to "remove" all pleasurable emotions from everyone else, so that they too could share his suffering.
He succeded after three years of research. He had finally imbued the power to destroy peoples souls onto a staff off blueish wood, about 5 feet long. He set out to turn the people of his village. Upon his rampage, he came across a woman about his age.
For the first time in his life, he experienced love. However it was too late, for the staff had already worked its magic upon her, and she could never love him back.
Realising the mistake he had made, he immeadiatly started to find a cure. A holy man came and told him that the only way to release the spell, was if the will of seven people, who once knew the victim, mourned into a goblet of light, and the victim saw his/her reflextion in the goblet.
Since he had removed sorrow from the people of his towns souls, he could find no such people to mourn for her.
He could not cure her, but he could prevent such tragedies from happening to another. He could not distroy the staff due to its magical proberties, but he could hide it from exitence. He journeyed into a deep cave, where he buried the staff, in the place that it resides to even today.

Magical Properties:

The staff is able to place a curse on a target creature/player that causes the being to lose all motivation, and become a "lifeless corpse". (for not literally for those who cant understand quotations) This could be a good senario if the curse is placed upon a character and the other players need to find a way to cure him/her. and since a average party in most games consists of four people, they would need to travel to find people who knew the victim.

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