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February 19, 2017, 7:06 am

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The Others , Stolen World


background stub for Stolen World, The "demons' of the setting

The Others are an ancient race and in fact are the proto-eleves of the universe. In their true form they appaeras a blue elf with the mouth of the movie "Preditor". In their true form they use double headed spears. As they relish their demonic nature, they ofter have transformed into same. Sometimes they have acted in a demonic way, (pacts and summoning) In fact they are quite corporial native life . It is they who imprisoned the Elder Gods and are orchestrating the isolated nature of the Stolen world and they themselves engineered the Star Whales and the barbarian plague,

Having executed the rest of the precursor races, they have been the puppet masters of all that is evil in the universe. Very few are awre of these manipulations as they are as secretive as they are evil. Only hints of them are available.

Having long since given up mortal form, they feed on suffering(by choice)

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