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November 4, 2017, 9:55 am

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Laurentian Class


Union Aerospace has built dozens of their Laurentian class ships, multi-role explorers designed for deep system operations

The closest thing to mass-production spaceships, the Laurentian class has no fewer than 70 hulls in service. The majority of these are owned and operated by hypercorps and multi-national interests.

Length: 1000/1500/2500 meters
Displacement: 50,000 tons
Decks: 5
Speed: 2.2 G acceleration
Capacity: 500,000 tons cargo/modular space
Crew: 12 (up to 1000 autons)
Facilities: Modular

Modular Construction

The Laurentian Class has four fixed sections: engineering and drive, communications, central spar, and command hull. These sections are connected by flexible conduits large enough to walk through, and tough enough to be exposed to space. The rest of the ship is open scaffolding and hardpoints for mounting mission specific modules.

Command - the command hull is a reinforced section of the ship that houses the bridge and control systems for the entire ship. It is pressurized, and has accommodations for the standard crew of 12. This does have a limited cargo capacity for crew supplies, but the ship is highly reliant on recycling, and putting non-working crew members in hibernation.

Central Spar - the literal backbone of the ship, the central spar connects the drive and command sections. Under the modular construction pattern, a Laurentian class can have more than one central spar. The spar has hard points for mounting mission modules. The largest Laurentians are bulk haulers and have three spars, mated end to end, for a long pillar shaped fuselage. Each spar is 1000 meters long. Systems and conduits are run under the spar.

Communications - relatively simple, the comm center is the main antenna and cognet node for the ship. It is typically at the mid-point of the main spar.

Engineering and Drive - the Laurentian class has a basic bulk ion propulsion system and a-pods for fine maneuvering. The regular length and mass class can accelerate at 2.2 Gs, making it a relatively fast craft. The jumbo sized versions, with 3 spars has a much lower thrust to mass rating, .5 G. The engineering section houses a spherical dimensional reactor, and an emergency fusion reactor in case the main reactor goes out.


Bulk cargo - each pod can carry 120,000 tons of raw materials, and a single spar can mount three of these modules. Loaded, the top speed of the ship is reduced 75%.

Pod Container - used for moving finished goods, these modules are designed to fit standard sized shipping containers.

Crew module - this pod can accommodate facilities, berthing, and supplies for 100 passengers. There are military versions that have barracks configuration, allowing for 300 soldiers to utilize the same space.

Cryo-pod - used to move colonists or criminals in hibernation, this pod can hold up to 425 hibernation units.

Precision modules

Refining - contains a crusher and smelter unit to render ore down into finished ingots

Manufacturing - equipped with polyforges and smart gear, the unit can produce specific goods, such as the materials needed for a colony, or the components of a space habitat.

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