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Intrasolar Colonization Administration


The ICA is a United Nations like organization that nominally oversees the colonial assets of humanity in the Solar System

The ICA is nothing more than a bunch of underfunded, unsupported, overworked, toothless bureaucrats who have nothing better to do than meddle in the affairs of their betters.

The Intrasolar Colonization Administration

The ICA is a neutral faction, close to being the space arm of Sigma Blue and Interpol in space, but it does so with almost no support from any terrestrial nation. The ICA reviews colonial conditions and performs inspections on colonies and space habitats on every body in the solar system EXCEPT Earth.


AtFed - neutral, the AtFed pays lip service to the ICA, but often uses it's economic support for the organization as a way to leverage rubber stamping actions from ICA agents. Likewise, more than half of the ICA's space assets, including it's HQ are technically leased from AtFed spacey

Eurasian Alliance - hostile, with few offworld holdings and no support for the ICA, Eurasian ships and colonies offer nothing to ICA inspectors and most bar their entrance or will detain them.

ACPS - neutral, the ACPS holdings are largely limited to Huo Hsing, and are close to being outside of ICA jurisdiction. While not closed to agents, ICA agents can expect poor treatment, substandard access, and might have accidents.

PacRim - friendly, after the AtFed, the PacRim provides the most support for the ICA, and welcome to their facilities.

SAUR - friendly

EUdAS/USSA - neutral, given the relatively benign relationship the ICA has with the AtFed

Lunar Free State - friendly

Seibertronians - hostile, the machines do not welcome or tolerate human inspectors into their operations

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