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August 8, 2007, 9:02 am

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Forest Encounters


Forest Encounters

Some of the following are drawn from the great Walking Through the Forest When… Scroll

1 -Angry Bear Additional Bears can be found under Concerning Bears.
2 -Whispering Pines - Spooky, but nothing comes of it.
3 -Camp (Nighttime)
4 -Charyn Slug(Nighttime at camp)
5 -Cor-Spiders Giant webs will be encountered.
6 -Mirruva Fox- Forest life encounter - not dangerous, just an event. On reoccurrence, substitute any desired temperate-forest wildlife.
7 -Trapper Ants
8 -Dire Vine or Black Leaf Bug swarm
9 -Swarmsnake Pit
10 -Selvaks On the prowl.
11 - Dire Swine - Dangerous wild boars.
12 - Walking Tree - Ent Analog. Patrolling for forest despoilers, may or may not be hostile to PCs. Will be defiantly hostile if a road is being cleared in the area.
13 - Giant Feral Boar - This massive pig-monstrosity is one of the more active defenders of the Forest. It is the size of a small elephant with massive tusks and vicious hooves. It is highly aggressive and will attack regardless of numbers. There is only one such Boar in the forest. If rerolled, substitute a similarly dangerous forest encounter. This is similar to the Dire Boars, but is a singular creature of great power.
14 -17 Trap! (but only if there are active defenders to maintain them)

1 .. Massive deadfall - Treetrunk will fall if trapline triggered. Tripline is about 1/4 inch and colored to match the local ground.
2 .. Covered pit - 10’ deep, optionally spiked or occupied by Swarmsnakes.
3 .. Snare - Strong rope loop will snare a foot - mostly a nuisance, but will activate a noisemaker if the victim struggles.
4 .. Whip trap - A springy sapling will lash across the path at face level. The sapling is studded with poisoned thorns (poison is weak due to effects of the elements, not likely to kill..)

18 - 20 Defender Patrol (Again if active defenders present)

need to De-Unseen Fortress this one..

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