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August 20, 2013, 12:48 pm

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Cosmic Era Glossary


collection of terms used in the Cosmic Era not large enough to warrant their own submissions.


Artificial Intelligence Super Computer, a computer mainframe that is registered as being self aware and sentient. AISCs are classified legally the same as human beings with the same rights and privileges. AISCs tend to take names from human history and mythology that are associated with their raison d'etre. Thus there are AISCs self named after gods, mythical and historical people, and monsters.


A parapsychic martial art based around dealing lethal blows, loosely based around karate, it is a violent and restricted martial art practiced by a small number of practitioners. It is most common in Nippon and formerly in Korea.


A collection of arcologies or demi-arcologies that are connected via a mass transit system (typically magnetic rail) or a shared geofront foundation. Arcoplexes are rare, and only found in megacities like New Nuyork or Tokyo.


A European based terrorist organization with the goal of recreating a unified Europe. Armas favors heavy handed tactics and has declared war on the Atlantic Federation, Eurasian Alliance, and the megacorps. They have had little success as they have made far too many enemies.


A networked collection of space stations, habitats, and colonies. There are few astroplexes, but those that exist grew over time and are situated in gravitationally stable locations known as LaGrange points. Most astroplexes exist in high Earth or Lunar synchronous orbits. The Kashmir Orbital Annex is an example of a astroplex.


Available on Earth, the space stations, and colonies. Astropolitan typically is associated with a handful of megacorps, celebrities, super datafeeds, and the Atlantic Federation. Astropolitan > Cosmopolitan > Metropolitan.

Black Dragon Society

A major criminal syndicate in the Republic of California, the Black Dragon Society is grounded in Nipponism and a culture of crude and low violence and intimidation. The organization has large membership and is involved in human trafficking, narcotics, and other major criminal enterprises.


A parapsychic is a conduit to cosmic energies and a parapsychic who uses their powers to excess or in a flagrant manner can 'open the flood gate' and functionally lose control of their power. Burning refers to the condition, while to burn, or in burn refers to the active process. Over time, a burning will subside so long as the parapsychic limits their use of their power. Excessive burning can lead to a permanent burn (unable to turn off the power) or burn out, (complete loss of ability)

Double Maximum

Double Max is a term applied to prisons that have as part of their structure a natural barrier to prevent prisoner escape. The first 'double max' prisons were typically located on islands. In the Cosmic Era, a double max prison has tightly controlled means of entry and typically is associated with a maximum security prison located in a geofront (underground) seacology (underwater) or in an otherwise extremely hostile environment.


Technically only applies to prisons that keep inmates under cryogenic hibernation, but colloquially applied to any prison in space, or has very high security.


A normal arcology is a megastructure at least 1 km tall, a demi-arco is a stop gap arcology that is smaller than the 1km minimum, but larger than a traditional skyscraper. Demi-arcos tend to be much more focused on a single task or purpose and many are used as headquarters for megacorporations, research and development exclusive facilities, or are used to keep their tasks isolated from other arcologies. True arcologies are relatively uncommon. Most cities do not have one. Most cities with populations in excess of 100,000 will have a demi-arco. Demi-Arcos can be built into arcoplexes and will be connected by mass transit systems and often sit on a collective geofront foundation.

Dimensional Physics

The arcanotech study of alternate dimensions, a fundamental underpinning of dimensional science, and the mathematical groundwork for things like dimensional engines, plasma cannons, and other high energy weapons.

Dimensional Science

The study and application of arcanotech.

Shen Kuei

The Shen Kuei are an ancient warrior society that are involved in the arts of shadow war, fighting and assassination. They are ninjas who have long been versed in paranormal and parapsychic abilities and have adopted technology into their modern mode of dealing out death and carnage. They are mercenaries.

Single Maximum

Single Maximum is the term given to a prison that has state of the art security countermeasures, but is an easily accessed freestanding building, or located within a building.

Triple Maximum

Triple Maximum is a standard applied to a double max related facility (high security plus physical isolation) that maintains prisoner control through sedation, electronic submission or some other form of passive control. Triple max prisons are very rare as the amount of security involved and cost associated with such facilities are deemed excessive.

White Phoenix Society'

A network of parapsychic martial arts masters, occult sorcerers and arcanotechnologists who work inside of China and the ACPS to contain the horrors unleashed by the storm rifts and dimensional breaches. The society is a grassroots organization and has access to information relevant to parapsychics and arcanotech fundamentals that they unexplainably shouldn't have.


The Yinggui are a splinter sect of former Yakuza. The organization is heavily involved in fixing sports events and CogNet black data feeds.

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