They may know how to ride motorcycles well, but they have no idea of how motorcycle club culture works, and they think they can just throw on a three-piece patch without asking the permission of the local dominant club. Not only are they wearing a territory bottom rocker that claims the territory of the local dominant club, but they are using the Sons of Anarchy name and patch. There is no way they are going to get sanctioned and it is very likely that one of these days they are going to get beaten up by the dominant club and their patches taken and burned, and be warned in no uncertain terms not to do it again.

2-Hardcore 1%ers

This club has existed for over sixty years and is very much the real deal, having committed murder, extortion, drug dealing, weapons violations and a great deal of speeding over  the years. It keeps a very firm hold on it's territory, allowing neither new clubs to start up, nor older clubs of their own type to muscle in, killing if necessary to remain the dominant club in their area.

3-Cop Club

Whilst they are not formally sanctioned in their area, they are police and prison officers, so the local dominant club knows that if they attack them, there could be some serious blowback later. Not surprisingly none of the 1% clubs will have anything to do with a cop club. Some of their own senior officers in the police and prison services are wondering  why they want to dress up as a biker club, given the criminal reputations of certain biker clubs.

4-In Secret

On the surface, they wear no patches on their leather jackets and seem to be just a group of friends, but they have a secret clubhouse and wear three piece patches in secret. As long as the dominant club in their area does not find out about it, nothing bad will happen, but if someone tips them off, things could get ugly very quickly.

5-Acopalypse Now

They were at their armoured clubhouse when the nuclear missles hit their country, and survived until the fallout lifted. They were already used to taking and holding territory, but now with no cops or government to stop them, they became the government. Their rule is harsh but fair, and if they promise something to the people under their control, they keep their promise. There is less crime and disorder in their area then anywhere else in their ruined country.

6-Puppet Club

With the blessing of the dominant club in their area, they carry out drug smuggling, serious acts of violence and other deeply illegal acts, risking prison time if caught and convicted so that the members of the dominant club don't have to. The best members become prospects and then full members of the dominant club.


An established club for several years, they are quietly manipulating two other 1% clubs into war with each other and secretly providing both MCs with weapons and intelligence in the hope that their members will either kill each other, get sent to prison or both, leaving the way clear to move in and take their territory and their rackets and other criminal activities for themselves.

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